Poverty or Freedom?

Bill Maher Wins the MMFPW Award!!

Bill Maher recently proclaimed on the air that he hoped for a recession:

“…because then we could get rid of Trump. I’m sorry if that would hurt you, but it’s lose your money, or lose your freedom.”


Yes! Serious disinformation and mindless babble.

Since you put it out there, Bill, please tell us what dictatorial actions Trump has taken? At times, Trump may be rude, crude, and combative. He may hurt your feelings, thus take away your freedom to have  an overblown self esteem, but I have not heard of anyone being rounded up and “disappeared.” I have not heard of anyone being ostracized or driven into unemployment for bashing him in the media. In fact, Bill, you and your fellow travelers, seem to denigrate him with impunity. So where is this tyrannical clamping down on your freedoms?

Has he declared martial law and demanded the arrest of propagandists like you? No. Do his supporters disrupt opponents’ rallies? Beat them? Harass them at restaurants? Harass their employers in attempts to get them fired? Destroy others’ property? Intimidate individuals at their homes? Run around the streets in garb with their faces covered while attacking and intimidating?

Are you getting the picture yet, Bill? I have been describing YOUR progressive thugs, ANTIFA and the lot. It’s your group that uses the intimidation tactics of Hitler’s Brown Shirts to prevent the free expression of ideas. You and they attempt to push us into a fascist state. Your leaders have outlawed, or want to outlaw, the freedom to drink too many sodas, or eat too many hamburgers. You would think regulating such minutiae in people’s lives would only come from abject tyrants, but the leftists seems giddy to do it-for own own good, of course. They would also be pleased to outlaw driving cars too often or too far, while at the same time they entertain and banter about justifications for confiscating the rewards of hard work and years of sacrifice, because in their minds it is unfair that some people actually do better in life than others. All of this is simply communist tripe, and you are a peddler of it.

So Bill, you get the MMFPW Award (MediaMindFarts Propagandist of the Week Award).

Oh and with all of the nonstop anti-Trump rhetoric, Bill still believes the only way Trump would NOT be reelected would be if there were a recession. There folks, you have the latest progressive insight on the 2020 election! Trump has given us the highest employment rate in decades for Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, and women, but Maher wants to take that away from you, send you backward, so that the Democrat Party can gain control in Washington and make you dependent on their generosity again. Ya, Mas Bill, please give us something. Slap us down so we can be ashamed that we can’t earn our own stuff.

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