Modern Brown Shirts

This has been stewing in my subconscious since the Occupy Movement where leftists blocked dock workers and other productive people from going to their jobs. All the time, the news media pandered to the left wing mob, of course portraying them as victims of society. No doubt some are, but the most are victims of their own bad decisions or they are simply on the payroll of leftist organizations dedicated to the dismemberment of modern western societies. Since Trump’s election the issue of mob violence has pushed more insidiously into the forefront.

Recently the progressive freshmen Congress members, mainly in the House, performed the sophomoric stunt of meandering about seeking Mitch McConnell, all the while taking selfies.

Elected children hunt Mitch McConnell in kind of a “Lord of the Flies” parody.

To many, this childish behavior by elected Congressional representatives was awkwardly humorous. To me it was a chilling escalation of the lynch mob mentality of the progressives, communists by any other name, where their sense of self righteousness trumps civility, individual rights of free movement and free speech, and the simple right of physical sanctity.

It is particularly chilling that they singled out McConnell, an elderly man who has been handicapped since youth, due to polio, and who was assaulted earlier this year by progressive thugs while eating in a restaurant with his wife. My understanding was that his table was surrounded and he was taunted and screamed at.

Hitler’s Brown Shirts would be proud.

When he, out of respect for the other patrons, chose to leave, one of these socialist thugs grabbed his leftovers and threw them into the street. How ironic that these self declared warriors of justice physically and mentally abused a handicapped elderly man and his Asian wife.

Of course they are not defenders of the weak, but rather they are minions like those who inhabited the ranks of Hitler’s Brown Shirts, Mao’s and Stalin’s communist youth and Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge. Frighteningly, all come from similar molds: truly undereducated, overly indoctrinated and indulged children, mostly white, who have no respect for other’s rights.

So the sophomoric tramp through the halls of congress by the petulant congressional children has sinister undertones. Was it street hoodlums “just playing” as they would describe themselves when caught harassing people, or was it an outright warning to anyone who dare stand in the way of their agenda: “You can’t hide. We’ll find you.”

Certainly we expect Congress to exercise decorum, even when at loggerheads, and to not adopt the tactics of street ruffians. Nor can we allow the assault on people in their homes, in restaurants, and their private lives to continue under the flag of freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is the right to self expression. It is not the right to dog and badger someone-anyone. If this were in a school, it would be called bullying, and it would end in expulsions and possible criminal charges. It must be made illegal everywhere, not just in schools, and those who are so assaulted need to be allowed to defend themselves from such bullying.

Such as the poor Indian victim Nathan Phillips, an adult who was threatened by an evil Trump supporting high school kid, whose crime was standing there. Oops, that turns out to be a leftist propaganda piece. Indeed, the 3 minute video propped up by the progressive media mob claims that a teenage Trump supporter is a mean spirited thug because he simply stood still while Nathan Phillips swings a club like instrument inches from the teenager’s face over and over. The sound of it in the video gave me a migraine. Where was Nick Sandmann supposed to go? Behind him is a crowd of people standing on steps. If he tried to move left or right, he would have bumped Phillips, which would have led to mayhem. He did the right thing and just stood there while Nathan assaulted him-yes swinging an instrument at someone, even if you don’t hit them is assault. When you hit them it is assault and battery. Just how corrupt or simple minded does the media have to be to push the angle that Natham is being threatened?

But Sandmann disrespected Phillips and even smirked at him. Now our touted media dips to street level justifications for its vilification of the youth. I suppose they support a teacher for smacking a kid because he smirked in class? Yes, they have a double standard and appear to be too stupid to even know it.

So what if Sandmann disrespected Phillips, which he did not. Kids disrespect their parents, their teachers, the police, and each other all the time and it never is a media event. Why should a kid respect an adult who launches himself into the face of the kid simply because that adult is wearing a Native American outfit?

If you’ve never done a thing in life worthy of respect; if you’ve mainly mess your life up in most of the things that you’ve done; if your own community looks upon you with disdain; then just put on some odd clothing, wear your hair in an unusual way and wander about the streets. People who don’t know you might think you are someone respect worthy.

The full tape of the incident shows Phillips walked through the middle of the group of teenagers, approached Sandmann and then repeatedly swung his drumstick near Sandmann’s face. Was Sandmann supposed to get on his knees or something?


Of course, the two hour undoctored video shows the Catholic children giving way before the advancing Native Americans and then dancing and chanting to the drumbeat, while Native Americans and naïve children all smile ( -Here it is in the raw form. It’s hard to find behind all of the media spin clips) . Too bad the kids didn’t realize that they were being set up for a propaganda piece.

Lesson one for political events: Never think you are going there just to lay back and coolly observe. You are always susceptible to being manipulated by the progressive left. It’s what they do. It’s what they are good at. It is their tool and trade. It is propaganda-and you are always a potential victim.

Corollary 1: Always, always go to these political events with friends. And always, always have at least two people recording the events at all times. Make sure you are getting good clear footage of everything.

Corollary 2: Do not get provoked into saying anything racist or violent, or doing anything violent. Refer to Axiom 1. The progressives are experts at propagandizing events. The media will assist them. If you are attacked and you strike back, they will produce a film of you striking back.

Now I know some of those Catholic kids are real smart, and they have more time than do working adults, so make it your mission to show the world how the Mad Dog Left Propaganda Machine tried to frame you, injure your reputations, defame you, stigmatize you for life. Yes, you owe them one. So you go get the two hour tape, shorten it without cutting into any of the important stuff, annotate it to show the media bias and the left wing propaganda, and make your version go viral on the web. Also get those other tapes that have been photoshopped to defame you and show how that was done and post that on the web, too.

Time to put the spotlight on progressive propagandists.

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