Trump and the Playground Bullies


I don’t find Trump to be a very likeable guy. He is crude, inarticulate, vulgar, brazen, spiteful, and a braggart. If he were my neighbor, I would avoid him. If he greeted me in the morning, I would wave, dunk my head, and run to the car with keys ready to ignite my escape.

Silly woman thinks she is being funny, but she should be in jail.

Even still, isn’t the visceral hatred of Trump a bit over the top? It’s personal, to a level of psychosis. I mean, it wasn’t your sister that he insulted, was it? He couldn’t have personally insulted everyone’s brother or sister, could he have? Yet you find a large part of the population, maybe 30%, that reacts to Trump with outright psychotic hatred. The self declared martyrs of the “Resist” movement. What are they resisting? Ask them, as reporters do, and they babble nonsense about tyranny, fascism, dictatorship- none of which is happening, or even shows signs of happening. Those are just words they’ve learned from the propagandists in the entertainment industry and the press.

If these mob mentality minions of the left were to stop a moment and consider, then they would realize it is they who exhibit fascism, tyranny and Brown Shirt style tactics. College campuses ban conservatives because of threats of riots and other pressure tactics from the progressives and communists. I’ve not heard of conservatives muscling out their opponents opportunities to speak.

But it is all instigated from a higher level, and this has been so since Trump was first elected.

For instance, recently the newspaper and Internet, and the gleeful talking heads of the TV media reported these stories in every venue: “Feds Demand Inaugural Committee Documents”, “7 Investigations Continue”.

When has a sitting president or ex-president ever been hit with so many investigations? Maybe Trump is that bad, Certainly those at the top are attempting to make him look that bad. But from a bystander’s perspective, one that senses when there is an injustice, all of these slams against Trump look like piling on by a gang of bullies on the playground.

I have to admit that I tend to think that all politicians have dirt to hide and if you scrutinize them enough, you will find it. When I read these articles I feel these investigations are aimed at just that-they think that if they dig deep enough into Trump’s past, they’ll find something, because everyone alive has something to hide.

However, Mueller is two years in and has only found some tax evasion by Trump associates. I can assure you that if you, or I, or your neighbor, or mine, were to have our tax records scrutinized enough, any of us could be charged with tax evasion. Maybe it would stick and maybe it would not, but each of us could be charges on some grounds. By the way, it is my opinion that NO one outside of the IRS, regardless of her/his authority, should be able to review someone’s tax records, nor should it be possible for anyone, regardless of their authority, to ask the IRS to review someone’s record. In other words, the IRS must independently decide whose records require investigation, and if they decide that your filings are good, then no one else should be able to challenge that.

Jerry Brown went hog wild with California taxpayers money on a bullet train to nowhere and 38 frivolous lawsuits against the Trump administration. He even proposed to launch his own climate change tracking satellite. His successor, Gavin Newsom, is backing off that somewhat. Thank you, California Taxpayers.

There is more. In addition to the above investigations of Trump, I’ve read that the State of California has filed 38 suits against the Trump Administration. What is hilarious is that some are regarding the treatment of illegal aliens. So, this tips Californian leadership’s hand. They admit through their actions, that they seek to destroy our national sovereignty. New York has several suits, mainly aimed at Trump himself. It is just more bully piling on. If those suits weren’t politically motivated, they would have been launched long before Trump had been elected president.

Indeed, we have had a wholesale sabotage of the legitimate and legal federal government, and no small number of the mutineers are federal employees going all the way to the top. If Trump were a tyrant, dictator, or fascist, all of these mutineers would be in jail or would have “disappeared” long ago.  To the benefit of us all, Trump has shown great restraint and wisdom and has not taken such action.

But like an exorcist, Trump has drawn the demagogues out of hiding. They come foaming at the mouth, spewing ravings and curses of hate, engaging in psychotic activities, and stirring the masses with ridiculous claims.

One stares at them in amazement.

They say he is a racist. Yet his economic revitalization has improved the lives of minority families far more that four decades of demeaning welfare, public housing etc. provided by the socialists. If you think that European socialism is the cat’s meow, then please take a trip to the suburbs of any major European city and see the austere concrete apartment units in which the majority of the people in those countries live. And indeed, that is socialism’s promise for the masses: You are to be uniformly brought back down to the serfdom of your ancestors-with all exits locked.

I always thought that the slogans about “drain the swamp” were hyperbole. I don’t like slogans of any kind, nor sign carrying and the spouting of simpleton chants that are based on high school football cheers: “Hey, Hey JBJ, how many kids did you kill today?” They are chants for the mentally inadequate and I feel embarrassed for anyone caught on film chanting them. I don’t think anyone with a job does it, for fear of being fired for stupidity.

Still these two years of the Mueller investigation, Gestapo like grilling and investigating, the motivation of which seems to be to find a crime to use as leverage to extort testimony, confessions, and to levee punishment against political enemies. This very chilling use of power been endorsed by the progressive left and various high officials in the government bureaus. They really don’t want Trump there. Why? They didn’t mind a naïve unaccomplished plebeian, Obama. It seems they prefer the naïve and gullible. There has been very little push back by the Republicans against these tactics. Either congressional people agree with it or they are afraid to speak against it. In either case, there is a problem. Essentially an elitist intelligencia seems determined to fabricate our future, one in which our national sovereignty is diminished, and they will crush anyone who resists. Our newly elected child congresswomen think they are cutting edge revolutionaries, but they are really mindless minions of this intelligencia.

Ilham Omar’s Fanatical Smile: Click to watch her poorly executed attempt at Gestapo tactics in exchange with Elliot Abrams.

Another example of piling on, is the children congresswomen becoming so emboldened that they pompously use inquisition techniques in congressional hearings. Click on the picture of Ilham Omar, who smiles  like a blood thirsty vampire fanatic, to watch her try to force a rather poorly contrived dilemma on Elliot Abrams. She seems more concerned about blaming Abrams for an atrocity that occurred decades ago, whether or not he had anything to do with it, than she does about stopping her fellow Democrats from murdering newborns in New York, something that it occurring now and which she could take a stand against. But these radicals are always more concerned about symbols and ideals, than they are about real people.

Just remember that Pol Pot used the children to annihilate millions in his Killing Fields. Children, whether elected  congresswomen or just devotees to charismatic radicals, like Hitler or Pol Pot, are the best tools for committing hideous acts, because they are impressionable and they do not have the life experiences to doubt their self righteous judgment. The press and the Democrat Party are currently pushing these elected children to the forefront where they can guilelessly spread destruction and chaos. When you listen to these children congresswomen keep the images of thousands of bodies lying in Cambodian fields with plastic bags taped over their faces.

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