The Lynching of Donald Trump


If ever there was evidence that supports the premises of this web site, it exists in the fiasco known as the Mueller Investigation. From the start, I felt that the overriding presumption of Trump colluding with the Russians was so childish, comedic, and fairy tale like, that I was sure SOMEONE would surely call it out.

I waited, expecting that even a twelve year old could spot this as pure fantasy.. Yet no one, even those members of society who have IQs well above the average, raised a flag, shouted foul, demanded that logical behavior prevail. No one.

Where does Mueller’s interpretation of obstruction leave the average citizen when judicial power is abusive like has been seen in Nazi, communist, and fascist governments?

At least no one was reported about in the network media, the propaganda arm of the progressive movement.

We were told and were expected to accept, that Donald Trump or surrogates, met in a meeting with Russians, supposedly to talk about adoption, but rather in that single meeting In Trump Tower, they planned the Russian interference with our election. You really think they would hold collusion meetings so openly? But there were other meetings, you say. Oh yes, a Trump surrogate was at a conference and attended the same group session along with, who knows 20 to 100 other people, and a Russian!!! Ah, so clever, they must have planned the whole interference right in that conference by means of secret messages written on the inside of gum wrappers then thrown into the garbage and later retrieved. Oh yes, and then there was Trump on TV telling the Russians to find Hillary’s emails, and I suppose with his hand on the side of his leg he sent complex messages about the when’s and where’s of this grand conspiracy.

Does this comic bookish hypothesis sound nutty? It should, if you are using even a modicum of your brain. 

Believe it or not, this TV-comic book version of the events, is not how conspiracies are done. And it is shameful that our  internationalist politicians tried to push such a childish ploy off on the American public, and it is further embarrassing that we, in large, seem to have complacently accepted it. I mean, even a dyed in the wool progressive has to blush red faced at the thought of this simplistic plot being held up to the American people as plausible. What has education in American come to? If people had received any logic training then MOST of them should smell a rat in this. Trying identifying everything you can that is ridiculous about the collusion theory starting with: Why the hell would they meet openly in Trump Tower?

Think about the plot to kill Lincoln. It’s said that the conspirators met for many hours on many occasions in a back room of a guest house. Yes, detailed plans and roles had to be worked out, and each participant had to buy into the plan and believe he/she was gaining some benefit by participating. Hours of arguing. Hours of brainstorming. Hours of coordinating.

It isn’t: “Let’s rob Fort Knox!”

               “Okay, I’ll get some dynamite.”

               “I’ll bring some guns.”

               “Let’s go.”

That’s about equal to what the international progressives, aka Comintern-Rebranded, sold to the American people regarding Trump and the Russians.

Oh, and Putin, observing Trump’s little hand signals on TV, launched off his couch and called together the leaders of his spy agencies and they sweated and smoked and drank Vodka into the wee hours of the morning and came up with a plan.

“13 fat Russians will sit in darkened basements and post anti-Hillary lies on, can you believe how brilliant this is: Facebook!”

That’s the best Putin could do?  No breaking into machines, no smuggling ballots into lost, but soon to be discovered, ballot boxes, no actual ploys to catch Hillary making deals to undermine Sanders, etc, etc.

If this is the best that the Russians came up with, then their plan was worse of all the plans of all the other nations that attempted to sway our election. Yes, every nation on the planet had an edge to gain from one or the other candidate, and you can bet that if they could afford to, they did something to influence the election.

Well, what about breaking into the DNC emails? The Russians and Assange needed Trump’s approval to do that? No, they would have done it if Donald Duck had been running against Hillary.  And by the way, how come the American media did NOT attempt to uncover information in those emails, those plans to undermine old crazy Bernie, and why didn’t they then report Hillary’s skullduggery? They didn’t even try to dig into Hillary’s campaign activities. One could begin to believe that the US media has been complicit with the DNC in some very real attempts to manipulate the election. Indeed, the media’s whole purpose is not to inform the American people, but to promote International Progressivism, and yes, must I say it again? Yes, I must: Progressivism is Comintern (The Communist International Organization), rebranded to be more socially acceptable. If the public was going to learn about Democrat misconduct, then someone other than DNC whistleblowers or American news reporters, had to do it. 

Can you imagine the American media backing off from reporting information obtained illegally or that is totally unsubstantiated about Trump or any anti-progressive? They jump to report any rumor or innuendo about Trump. They illegally accept tips from double agents in the Trump administration.  

We have a political party that is joined at the hip with the news agencies. That should be very scary.

In the end, Mueller, like Pontius Pilate, used weasel words to wash his hands of the whole kangaroo process while leaving the door ajar for bolder parties to continue, ad infimum, the fictional Russia collusion ploy. However, all but a few Democratic candidates are standing off. This indicates that they feel the jig is up on the preposterous accusation. And they are right. In people’s guts they are beginning to sense injustice, even people who are normally Democratic are getting tired of all the leftist flim-flam- the “don’t look at the man behind the curtain,” illusion.

So what does the Mueller Report say? I only know what I’ve heard on the news. Knowing that it is based on a fictional accusation, I’m not about to read it. Mueller says that he does not exonerate Trump. So what? One does not have to be exonerated; they only have to be found “Not Guilty” based on the evidence submitted. 

In the USA, in a real court, not a political one like congress gimmies up all the time, one can be tried only once for a given crime. Why, in a truly free country must one only be tried once? It is because a vicious prosecutor, or a political rival, could come after you over and over, until you were bankrupted, or your life ruined because of continuous harassment by authorities, or they get statement after statement from you, then charge you with perjury because one time you said, “Maybe yes,” and another time you said, “Yes maybe.” That is a Soviet tactic, and of course that is what the progressives, Comintern Rebranded, intend to do. If you think I’m being silly about this then watch their behavior and listen to the things they propose.

Mueller mulled over the obstruction concept, a gave his interpretation: You can obstruct even if there never was a crime to begin with. Funny he would use that example. Seems that we are talking more about obstruction of injustice here. In America it is not criminal to have bad thoughts. On occasion, we all have them. Yet Mueller accuses Trump of obstruction simply for having bad thoughts. Trump said fire Mueller, but nothing happened, therefore one crime and no basis for a crime.

Only fascist, communist, and progressive countries have thought crimes- usually political ones. You cannot go to jail because you thought you would like to steal all the diamonds from a jewelry store. You cannot go to jail for saying that you want to break into a jewelry store. If you start recruiting people to help you and buy guns and dynamite, then you could go to jail. If the president said something, and nothing more came from it then it is not obstruction.

It seems the progressives like the idea that an authority can single you out and investigate you for a non-existent crime, and harass you non-stop with questions and time demands, hoping that you will wear down and finally tell them to fuck off, so they can then throw you in jail for obstruction. It’s all very legal and Nazi like. Maybe under the world progressive order that type of police behavior is okay, but in the USA it still is not.

The best I’ve seen on this issue was an interview of Giuliani by Chris Wallace. The problem with it is that Chris, like most modern journalist, thinks the story is about him and he keeps interrupting and disrupting Rudi’s argument. The scoop here was not Chris, repeating a phrase that his team told him not to back down from: “That’s not true, sir. That’s not true!”

The scoop here was the president’s legal team’s views and analysis. That is what the public craved. So why do news reporters think we want to hear them talking over, and muddling what the important people say? Please let the man speak uninterruptedly. We’ve heard and will hear ad infinitum, the Democrat fascists spin on the Mueller report. Poor Chris, like most journalists, has no clue when he has an exclusive and can’t keep his mouth shut long enough for us to hear Giuliani’s argument in its entirety. But then again the media is all about denying the public sufficient information to form reasonable understanding of the issues. Their forte is propaganda not news.

Giuliani’s arguments are based on law and are logical and persuasive. Depend on the progressive media to limit our access to his words.

Listen to the interview and decide what you think.  Click here for : Interview of Giuliani by Chris Wallace regarding the Mueller Report.


Mueller had 15 full time assistants, who probably were paid in the 6 figures or more each. And they had assistants, either contracted or as staff. Who knows how many people actually worked on the report, but the cost was between 25-40 million, and yet the best they could so was catch peripheral people at unrelated crimes. Enough is enough.

Judge Pirro says it eloquently, forcefully, and correctly. Too bad more men don’t have as much guts.

So now that the snake lies writhing in the grass, and we that have time to think the situation through, we might ask, “How did that snake strike so fast?” It came out of the grass and launched itself at the Trump presidency from day one-even before day one.  The only answer, of course, is that the groundwork for the “investigation” was developed well before the actual election.  I suggest that it was the “Plan C” of the progressive cabal. Plan A was to win the election cleanly. That went to the wayside even before Hillary was nominated. Plan B was to steal the election for Crazy Bernie and to sabotage the Trump campaign, and Plan C was to attack Trump and to handicap his presidency, but more than that, Plan C, the Trump investigations, was to cover up and hide their own misdeeds. That is why Judge Pirro is absolutely right: We must investigate the Obama-Clinton-Intelligence Community-Justice Department Deep State (Think KGB) Cabal and bring it into the light of day.  


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