Nanzi Pelosi and the House of Inquisitions


Just when you think you can address something of social significance, the Democratic Party reveals another facet of their fascism. Have no doubt about it, the Nazi’s were a legalistic cult, and they created a web of laws guaranteeing that they could put away any opponent at any time. The modern progressive Democrats have been sliding down that Nazi slope for quite a while, and it’s abuse of power, which their modern Fuhrer, Nazi Pelosi, is unabashedly about pushing at full throttle.

Could you, could an of us, withstand; emotionally, financially, and socially, a barrage of continuous assaults claiming, for example, that you are a child molester, elder abuser, or rapist… or even a traitor? Say you beat the rap in court, and they simply move their attack to a pseudo court, say the House of Representatives, and continue their same old slandering, false accusations, etc. there where, as the majority party, they can get away with saying almost anything-without proof or reasonable evidence. Such a relentless barrage would be demoralizing and financially untenable for most of us average citizens. That is why in our country, where fairness is supposed to rule, this kind of continual targeting, over and over, for the same issue, is not allowed. Indeed, such targeting is a tyrannical tactic, and the Democrat Party embraces it much as their followers, ANTIFA, embrace Nazi street tactics. Across the board the Democratic Party is becoming more and more like their Nazi and communist forefathers.  And just as in the tyrannical Nazi and communist regimes, this is supported by their propagandists in the media.

 NPR for example, has declared congress must continue to badger Trump, it’s their constitutional duty. They say this even though a legally appointed Special Counsel, supported by 18 high level lawyers and 40+ FBI agents, all with mountains of support staff and taking 2 years and spending 35 million dollars, has come to different conclusions. I.e. that there is no case there, even if Trump, as Mueller duly pointed out, is a rather nasty and spiteful man who was not all that nice to those lawyers.  

Nanzi Pelosi leads a Jacquebian House of Representatives that is hell bent on destroying all political opposition by innuendo, misrepresentation, or any other means possible .

Nanzi Pelosi, it’s time to actually coming up with better ideas for our country rather than recycling the same dirty accusations. Folks, think about it. What would you do if you were the target, or even if you saw a neighbor was being continually targeted by some big wig? Admit it; you would be pissed. So why is it okay to continually harass the president?

Unfortunately, character assassination and histrionics seem to be the only skills of the Democrat Party. They can’t legislate. They can’t create. They can’t protect the American people. They can only engage in denigration and hysterics.

Interestingly, the Democrat Party has danced around the Mueller Report, tiptoeing through the lines to patch together an impetus for their continual haranguing, yet they ignore the report’s most important finding: The Russians did interfere in our election by spreading disinformation, intending to stir up animosities and dysfunctionality in our government. In fact, it is this disinformation that the Democrats swallowed and have for two years been using to disrupt and paralyze our government. Thus, the Democrat Party has become a guileless partner with Russia. They are so full of hate and anger that they cannot step back and see it. Like a hand in a glove, they have been the ones who triggered and sustained the Russian interference in our government, and that they have been stalwartly forwarding the Russian goal of disruption for the last two years. You would think that the Democrats would suddenly turn red faced and go silent.

Thanks to the Democrats, the Russians ploy must have surpassed their wildest dreams.  But it’s not that the Democrats are dumb, despite the great joy I have in calling them morons and idiots. Rather it is that they are now willingly complicit with the Russian program.

Why would they do that?

For a period of two years, with a staff of 18 highly paid lawyers, 40+ FBI agents, and all associated support staff, all at the estimated cost of 35 million dollars, Mueller could not find grounds to recommend prosecution. How is it that Nanzi Pelosi and her minions think they can do better?

It’s simple. They won the mid-term elections playing the Russian generated narrative that Trump was guilty of crimes against our government. Furthermore, it’s the only platform that the Democrats have been able to generate to counter the strong Trump economy and better life that most Americans are experiencing under Trump.  Now, more than ever, they must rattle the tin cans and beat the garbage lids to distract the people from the truth, the truth that their lives and the lives of people around them have improved quite well under Trump. So, despite the fact that the Russian narrative has been and continues to be clearly destructive to our governance, the Democrats continue to pump its heroin into the US body politic, hoping that they can ride their horse of apocalypse to a victory in 2020.

But it’s a bad gamble. Attorney General Barr is beginning to investigate the sources of the Russian disinformation and how federal agencies used it to spy on the major opposition party. Spy on the opposition party? How many times must it be said before it clicks in your brain. Think about it. Where in the world does the use of the national police agency and national spy agency to spy on political opposition happen? Communist Russia, Nazi Germany, Communist China, any little tin pot fascist government, to name a few places. Where is that activity abhorred? Any democratic government. Which group are we supposed to be in? Which group do we seem to have moved into over the last few years?

Even if Barr finds that the Democrat leadership was not knowingly complicit, it is still a problem. It appears that the Democrats have gone so stark raving mad that they cannot behave with any political rationality. They are rather like a teenage girl plotting revenge for some trivial dis.

Furthermore, and importantly, as one Republican recently noted: At one time the judiciary committee was focused on protecting individuals from overreaching police abuse. Now it seems that the judiciary committee is more interesting digging obtrusively into their political opponents lives in search of an excuse to execute them, if not physically, which I am sure in their blood thirsty hearts they are wont to do, then at least financially and societally.  Think about it.

They call anyone who stands in their way, or opposes them, before one of their committees where they browbeat, demand answers to leading and disingenuous questions, attempt entrapment, name call, and generally abuse their “witness” by cutting them off when they attempt to rebut these fascist tactics. Make no doubt about it, these are full on KGB and Gestapo methods.

The question going forward is, who among the citizens will be watching and thinking about the unsavory undemocratic nature of this process as information comes to light during the Barr counter investigation? Those who have even the most basic instinct about democracy, fairness, and individual rights should be furious about the Democrat behavior in the House and it should turn into a tsunami against them.  


Now a few lines about an important social issue.  From the NY Times , a fully certified progressive propaganda outlet:

“CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Harvard said on Saturday that a law professor who has represented Harvey Weinstein would not continue as faculty dean of an undergraduate house after his term ends on June 30, bowing to months of pressure from students.

“The professor, Ronald S. Sullivan Jr., and his wife, Stephanie Robinson, who is a lecturer at the law school, have been the faculty deans of Winthrop House, one of Harvard’s residential houses for undergraduate students, since 2009. They were the first African-American faculty deans in Harvard’s history.

“But when Mr. Sullivan joined the defense team of Mr. Weinstein, the Hollywood producer, in January, many students expressed dismay, saying that his decision to represent a person accused of abusing women disqualified Mr. Sullivan from serving in a role of support and mentorship to students.” 

While it is fun to watch the progressive Nazis eat their own, this particular lynch mob mentality, at Harvard, no less, but then again, of course, is just too unfair and unjust to not call out.

Let’s start with this: The word student is defined as: a stupid, undereducated, self-centered, narcissistic, impressionable, smooth brained dolt badly in the need of life and intellectual experiences and enrolled in an institution run by older, more mature and better balanced intellects-Harvard not withstanding. Even a fool understands what I just said, i.e. the students should not be running the institution. Why? Because they will just reinforce their already egotistical and self-righteous ideas, when they need to be expanding their intellect not reinforcing their general lack thereof.

“…many students expressed dismay, saying that his decision to represent a person accused of…”

I have to presume these students are law students and that they have completed Criminal Law 101.  What about the basic principles of our legal system did they not catch on to? I don’t know the particulars of the Weinstein case. I do know that a bunch of women accused him of unsavory sexual engagements. Unfortunately, we as people tend to think that if one person accuses, then it might be false-it needs investigation. If, two, then our doubt level lowers, and if it’s 10, well then we’re sure he is guilty. So if one person beats another to death, do we call that murder, but if 10 beat him to death, we dismiss it, because obviously he deserved it?

Of course not.

We all don’t expect much morality out of Hollywood. Whether bigoted and wrong, we all suspect that more than a few power players lure women with promises, and use those women despicably. On the other side, we suspect that more than a few women use their charms very liberally to garner higher status and better opportunities, and knowingly and willingly engage themselves sexually to further their goals. While we might be disgusted with both sides, neither seems illegal, when each person has willingly committed themselves to the caldron, even if days, weeks, months, or years later they are disgusted with themselves and ashamed of their involvement.

But all of this is a digression. It doesn’t matter. Regardless of what #MeToo thinks, or what is politically correct with puritanical righteousness, every accused is innocent until found guilty, and every accused has the right too good legal representation. One ahs to consider that a multitude of people could be accusing him because he is a jerk, lied to them, tricked them into sex for promotion, in which they willingly engaged, and so on, which is disgusting but not criminal. Or he might have forced himself on one or more of them, drugged one or more, unbeknownst to them, etc. which is both disgusting and criminal.

So there has to be a trial and he has to be represented.  You would expect law students to understand this. Surely, they know that Ted Bundy, Charley Manson, and other monsters were defended, and sometimes by outstanding lawyers.  Indeed, it would seem that in a high profile case, one would want the accused well defended so that, if and when there is a conviction, it will stick and not get reversed later because of some screw up during the trial.

Law students should know it, but unfortunately, our legal system has become politized, and apparently our law schools also have succumbed to the whims of the latest mob driven demands. So you might ask yourself: When the legal system and top flight law schools get pushed around by mob hysteria, what can you expect from the masses of the streets?

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