And a Child Will Lead Them


Ever feel a bit put off by the left’s use of children to sanctify their positions? They thrust you between the horns of a dilemma: You oppose them and you are a diabolic child abuser; you don’t oppose them and they advance their agenda of national dissolution.

They parade their kids to nuclear power plants with signs showing exploding atom bombs and labelled “STOP!!! Killing us with nuclear power,” OR, their kids march into at the gates of a coal plant with signs that say “STOP global warming before it destroys our future!!”

How did all these white kids get to Hong Kong to protest anyway? Family outing: “Let’s all fly to Hong Kong and protest the excessive use of fossil fuels.”

They always work some angle that jams at the emotions of their opponents, and gains the support of emotionally susceptible neutral parties, particularly those with an incapacity for deep thought and logical complexities.  That is the purpose of this tool, manipulation through child: To preying on people’s inability, or innate laziness, to engage in brain straining complex analysis. The progressives can depend on it because schools now teach children that thoughtless emotion trumps intellect and logic. It’s clear because they encourage students to skip class and join protests for this or that dubious cause. It wasn’t always that way. At some point in the last decade or three, schools began to elevate emotional responses was being better and more righteous than logical, intellectual, and rational responses. Amazingly, they manage to teach kids some math and science, while training them to desert their logical minds when dealing with political, social, or human issues. Clearly, however they don’t teach enough kids science, because we, more and more, rely on India, Asia, and Eastern Europe to provide the scientists and engineers needed to fill the high paying jobs that our capitalist economy produces, leaving our mostly science and math free, and highly emotionally charged children to become social leeches, hence fodder for the progressive socialist (Comintern rebranded) organizations, such as ANTIFA., which prey on the economically inept and therefore chronically angry.

But getting back to the topic. The use of children as political props is a bit disgusting to those with logical minds. It’s like hitting below the waist in a boxing match; it’s a more sophisticated form of the child abuse than used by Muslim fanatics who use children as human shields when they assault allied positions. I think this political child abuse might be a key commonality that collectivists: Nazis, commies, and progressives have with Islamacists. In any well managed competition, the referee would reject these abusers from the game. However, politics is not well managed and has no rules or morality.

That’s not the worst of it.

In fact, that might be the best of it, because in the heart of the collectivist beast, the use of children goes much deeper, and is much more chilling, indeed it’s darkly satanic to any who cherish the long hard two millennia climb Western Culture has made from  barbarism and slavery to the ideal that each human has the freedom to regulation his life.

Collectivists have used children time and again to annihilate the cultural heritage of people. They do so by enlisting children, the morality ill-defined youth, to murder counter revolutionaries by the millions. This use of children to commit murder and mayhem seems to evoke a psychic frenzy among collectivists for they all seem to children as the tip of their bloody spear.

Khmer Rouge children displaying the weapons used to murder anyone who had been successful.

Philosophically, Marx wrote that post the industrial revolution, it was the predilection of history for society to evolve toward the collectivist state and that dictatorship of the proletariat, i.e. communism, was the ultimate and final collectivist state. He also liked to say it was the didactic of history to move toward collectivism.  So it appears from his philosophy that the collectivist state is just the “natural” evolutionary outcome of an industrial society, therefore you can feel good about it supporting it, a natural little bump in civic evolution.

Children have not yet developed a sense of morality and are easily manipulated by propagandists into doing horrendous acts of cultural destruction and even mass murder.

But they don’t do it like that. They don’t seek to evolve; they seek to undermine, annihilate, obliterate and completely erase all the memory of the social structure that existed before their rise to power. One of the key principles by which the communist-Nazi- progressive socialists take over a society is by gaining control of the educational system. By the way, this has already been done in the USA. Then they program the children to become their weapons.

They don’t teach the children some little evolutionary tidbit, “Look! See, through history society has evolved from feudal slavery to free guild-based mercantilism to capitalism; and guess what, look how we are making things better by evolving into a proletariat-based socialism.” That isn’t what they teach. They use inflammatory rhetoric to debase everything about our current, long evolved social values. They put every pimple on the skin of capitalism under a microscope and project the image on the movie screen. “Oh,” they say, “look at the sins, the despotism, the horrors of our capitalist society, how unfair it is, how exploitive it is, thus choosing to exaggerate the worst aspects of our current social organization until the children’s minds are filled with fantastical horrors: molehills are made into mountains, mice are made into dragons, etc. They never talk about the good things.

It is said that after the Communist took over Russia-and imperialized their neighboring states, the children roamed the streets in bands of “Lord of the Files” gangs that disturbed and destroyed at will.  Hitler was more pragmatic, and would never let a resource meander sporadically. He enrolled the children into the youth corps, where they could be quickly trained to fanatically implement his view of the collectivist state, which was very similar to Stalin’s communist state.

If the collectivists so care about the children, why do so many starve after and during the take over of a country? Because the destruction of the previous culture, with its resources including food, is more important than their lives.

Pol Pot simply turned to youth loose with orders to murder elders and all who built and participated successful in the social order that existed before him. Mao, and the Chinese Social Revolution did the same. Don’t in your life imagine that the progressives will be any different.

Their total disdain for tradition, for the 6000 years of human struggle toward the rights of individuals against kings, kingpins, and warlords achieved in European culture and passed forward to us, is exercised in their removal of all reference to it: statues, literature, history, science, and monuments are either completely destroyed or marginalized into exhibits of capitalist and traditionalist delusion.

The classic example is the tale, whether true or just an illustrative fable, whereby in the Chinese Cultural Revolution the doctors were taken from the hospitals and put in work camps. Housemaids were told to go into the hospitals and conduct surgery. The maids resisted, saying they didn’t have a clue had to do those things, being of course that they were not trained to do those things, nor did they even have the scientific background to read medical literature and learn how. They were declared counterrevolutionary and were shot by the Red Guard. They, the collectivists: the communists, the Nazis, the fascists, and the modern progressive democrats attach no value to Western Culture, they do not intend to evolve from it, but rather like a predatory parasite, they seek to devour it.

Sure enough

When you use this premise as a lens to view things that are going on in our government, with our laws, in our schools, and at our borders-they all become frighteningly clear. They indeed, are aimed at eroding our hard fought for culture and system of governance.

Using this lens, it becomes clear how the press, nothing more than a propaganda tools of the progressive movement, can push a young, unaccomplished, apparently naïve and uneducated (even with a college degree) waitress as being wise, knowledgeable, enlightened and capable. It seems insane in concept, but the fanatical collectivist sees no value in anything accomplished by humanity prior to his/her arrival on the scene: No value in the accumulation of knowledge in math and science; no value in the refinement of knowledge in law and finance, no value in the discovery in medicine, etc. Hence a bartender is just as qualified to rule, to write laws, to manipulate and direct human society, as a louted PhD. In fact, a bartender, a bus driver, a farm laborer, anyone who is uneducated or unskilled, preferably both, is perfectly qualified to perform surgery, to build power plants, to write laws, to analyze, to judge, to sentence, to engage, or to be our fearless leader.

Communist, Fascist, Nazi, Progressive, they all follow the same collectivist plan: Destroy all memory of the previous culture.


Now you see why Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is the perfect leader of the progressive socialists, and why the sycophant, Pravda USA, media is so giddy to exalt her every hairbrained statement. and you see how dangerous this belief system, rather this religion, is to the future of humanity. You study AC’s declarations and proposals through this prism and you see them hovering like vultures to pick the flesh from the bones of our existing society, for once they have rid us of history, structures, literature, and all reminders of our past they can present our children and grandchildren with the best social structure EVER!!! Because there will be no one alive who remembers the good and the bad of the past, there will be no books for that, no buildings standing to remind of past greatness, there will be nothing to compare their BEST EVER to. Our descendent can live their drab miserable lives not knowing that the progressive socialist society is just the return to the feudal society we worked so hard to overcome.  

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