A Rainbow of Genders

Biden recently got gaffed for foolishly bowing before the multi-sexual crowd and conceding that there are three genders. “How dare he!” shouted back the fraction of 1% in response to his limited “wokedness.” In retrospect, how wise and eloquent he might have appeared had he only said there is a rainbow of genders. Wow! Where were his writers?

I guess that the collectivists argument by which they garner the support of the weak minded “awoken”  is that each of us is different and hence each of us has a unique sexuality, and hence: Brilliant deduction-each person is a unique gender. Pop science shot from the hip.

Tears come to my eyes. Thank you, progressives, you have my undying support for recognizing that my sexuality is unique.

Minor problem: Gender is a grouping word. Yes, I know that progressivism is all about uniqueness and grouping has no place, except when you define those who stand against you. Those people are all grouped as “racists,” or “haters.” Well, at least progressivism is all about uniqueness-until it comes time to determine each person’s financial worth, then there can only be uniformity-except for those, as Orwell wrote, who are a bit more equal than others. Progressivism is an interesting balance of uniqueness, when pitching their egalitarian rhetoric to gain votes, and quotas, when it comes time to distribute the fruits of human production-for the entire world, which is their ultimate goal. For the dense among you, progressivism is international communism, Intercom, rebranded after the fall of the USSR, and, yes, their goal is to control the entire world. All of this concern about the rainbow of genders, etc. is a tool for getting idiots to usefully vote progressive tyrants into positions of power.

Genderism is a very useful tool, by which the progressives garner relentless support from true haters, and by which they can shred the fabric of the current civilization, and you should not doubt for one minute that the progressives hate (haters!!!) our current culture and civilization. Never has the progressive insidiousness been revealed more quickly than in the demolition of European culture by the progressive Nazis, and after their demise, by the progressive commies in Eastern Europe. If you don’t believe their desire was to destroy history and all other aspect of our cultural foundation, then look at how quickly each replaced traditional uniforms and flags with their own futuristic designs.  And their architecture, grandiose by the Nazis, while common and gray by the commies, each was pushed uniformly as the new standard for their subjects.

Speaking of genderism, the Nazis pushed their people to make fun of and to have distain for certain minorities and oddballs, they believed that there is nothing like universal hate to unite a people.

Jessica thinks he is a girl, but she had a wang and a marble bag. Jessica told a women only waxing salon that it’s descrimatory for them to refuse to wax his balls. Oh, what a magnificent progressive construct-cause a legal shitstorm and disrupt normal people’s lives by forcing them to dole out thousands to defend themselves against such a cock-a -doodle.

The progressive commies are cleverer. Why waste a good crowbar?

They exalt oddball types to the point that these have superior rights, i.e. are superior citizens to the average person. There is nothing better to break the back of a culture than to make the normal despicable. I’m sorry to say, my dear mindless minions of the left, all collectivism is about taking power from individuals, because in their minds individuals are too stupid to make good decisions for themselves. Government regulators are sooooooo much better at it. Indeed, all support for individualism, even their favored odd-balls goes away once the collectivists take power.

Back to grouping words. Unfortunately, successfully structured societies are based on some form of logical order, and logic and science come down to the basic division of A and NOT A.  Without it, we have difficulty providing for such a basic need as toilets, i.e. restrooms where the majority of normal, average, mundane humans, particularly female humans can go without feeling humiliated, compromised, stressed, demeaned, legally subjugated and morally assailed. Most women in our culture don’t want a stressful sexual confrontation by a man, i.e. a person with a wang, when they just need to go pee.

Biologically the vast majority of almost every species of plants and animals are either male or female at any given point in their lives- A, or NOT A. Granted there is a tiny minority of humans who are somewhat A and somewhat NOT A, or you could say not quite A and not quite NOT A. Whatever, and however you want to say it, they are easily accommodated within the confides of social and cultural normals- and they are definitely not super citizens who have preemptive rights on the modesty and norms of the average person.

Simply we don’t care which of the rainbow of genders you assume. If, at the very moment you approach a restroom door, you have wang that hangs down, and we don’t care if a doctor did some fancy sewing to make one for you or if you were born with one; if you have one, you go to the restroom with the wang sign, something like this: Y. But if you have a winky, i.e. NOT WANG; and again we don’t care if you were born with it, or if a doctor did some fancy sewing, then you go to the winky room which has a sign something like this: 0.  For the teeny, tiny minority of you, who truly can’t tell whether you have either, both, or neither, then there is the handicap room. See, in our wisdom we took care of this for you several decades ago-so shut up!

In the end, we use our successful societal standard of objectivity, and we deal with the psychology of the rainbow minded, physiologically.

Chris Cuomo’s psychotic rage over name calling:

Chris Cuomo, a psychological child who was never taught to control his anger. CNN, his rage enabling employer approves of his childish temper tantrum.

Click on Como to follow the link if you haven’t heard the story yet. Essentially Cuomo blew a gasket when someone called by the name of a fictional weak sister (Fredo??) from a Italiano gangster movie. It’s a racial slur, says propaganda machine CNN, who is also his employer. Apparently, parents have stopped teaching little boys and girls that, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but talk will never harm me.” This is what my parents taught me when I decided I could throw rocks at kids who taunted me. In a civil society, there is no free pass to beat someone up simply because they verbally offended you, not even if they use racial epitaphs. Attacking someone, or even threatening to attack someone over an insult shows mental imbalance, and disregard for, or ignorance of our norms of social conduct.

Adults know this. Apparently, Cuomo and CNN don’t know it.   But then again, leftists are continually hammering at the fabric of successful societies.

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