In the Ukraine with Joe Biden:


Day 2 of the revelation and it seems the Democrats have given back some of the ground they claimed on Day One, but we’ve experienced this before, many times with them, and we’re worn out with it. They’re like the kid that cried wolf too many times. And they are always overstepping and exaggerating. It’s a bit revealing that they have suddenly dropped all their other jimmied up complaints about Trump and have rushed after this recent event. It makes one wonder just how substantial all their previous claims were, because this one, even at its worst doesn’t seem to be that much.

All the news networks are working the story like it’s the most important thing to happen during the Trump administration. And again, we’ve been through this before, and again we’re tired of it, and again they also have dropped all their other issues to chase this one, making one wonder how substantial their previous headliner issues were.

It sounds like Trump may have overstepped on this one, but we all must remember that in modern law, we give allowances for circumstances. Okay, my recollection of the law may not be absolute on the following but it is somewhat correct: Did you know that you cannot shoot a burglar who is in your house and who is running away from you? He could have hit you in the face, stabbed at you with a knife, maybe even have stabbed you with a knife, but the minute that he is no longer a threat, i.e. he starts to run, you cannot shoot him. Extenuating circumstances.

What applies to burglars, muggers, and others thugs also applies to normal law-abiding citizens. Ditto Trump. So the extenuating circumstance is that Joe Biden did influence the Ukraine company to hire his son Hunter, whether verbally or tacitly, Joe as Vice President and in charge of Ukraine-US relations, did influence them. One would have to be a fool to think otherwise. The question is: Did he manipulate the situation to get his son hired, or did the Ukrainians just think it would be a good idea to hire Hunter and endear themselves to Uncle Joe (Biden not Stalin). They were used to Uncle Joes.

The circumstances did and do need to be investigated. The American people and Justice Department both need to know the details of how this came about. If this is all that Trump intended in his phone call, then in my mind, he did no wrong. But if he intended to undermine Joe for political reasons then it probably was wrong. Unfortunately, it is hard to separate the two motives, they’re welded together. They are welded together because Joe, suspicious Joe, is also the leading Democratic candidate running against Trump.

But whose fault is that?

One could say, it’s what the Democrats get for having a thug as their front runner. I.e. just because he is the front runner does not make him immune from being investigated.

The Democrats taught us that. Didn’t they spend two years investigating Trump on false charges? Well if a sitting president is not exempt from investigation, then why would a candidate be exempt? Trump can claim that he was just opening the door for the Justice Department to work with the Ukrainians to resolve this clear conflict of interest of VP Biden and his son.

But whose fault is that?

If Joe had been smart and honest, he would have told Hunter, “Son, don’t take that job, it will just create a conflict of interest for me in carrying out my duties there.” And when it came time to do something about the alleged corrupt Ukrainian prosecutor, a smart and honest Joe would have said, “You know someone else needs to handle this, because that prosecutor is investigating my son’s company and it is a conflict of interest for me to demand that the prosecutor be fired.”

But Joe had to brag about getting the prosecutor fired.

So it appears that on two levels, Uncle Joe created an incendiary bomb in the Ukraine, and Trump threw a match on it.

The winner on this one will be the one who can present their argument succinctly, clearly, and most timely to the American people. The Democrats have the circus of congress where they can give a press release every hour if they want to and of course the press will never ask them any hard questions.

Trump has a few newspapers, channels, and his Twitter feed.  

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