Secret Cabal Plans Overthrow of USA Government

Congress was not elected to spend four years trying to horse collar and dominate the  executive branch. But that is all the Democrats have done, and hopefully the American people have had enough of it. We don’t need an investigation to see that, although there are investigations in process. Between Trump and the Democratic House, I prefer Trump any time. 

Just as a secret group, including high level government officials, met in dark, smoke filled rooms to plan the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, so does a group today, including high elected officials, meet and has met in the past, to politically overthrow the elected president of the USA.  The aim: To compromise the elected government, and supplant it with a tyrannical socialist super-state of their own. One, which of course they will run.

Radical? Well, you have seen it before and read it before, i.e. articles just as slanted, just as far from proven fact, just as fantastical, but just from the opposite point of view-against President Trump. However, I stand by my statement, and believe it will eventually be proven true, probably before the next election.

But we can only deal with what we know now. So let’s go there:

Even before Trump was elected operatives in the FBI placed a request for a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. Some of the documentation for that request came THROUGH Christopher Steel from his associates in Russia or the Ukraine. Oh yeah, Christopher did this work for the Clinton Campaign, Trump’s opponent.

Let that soak in for a moment. If your brain is not tiny then it takes only a moment for this information, KNOWN not supposed information, to initiate warning lights and sounds, like those that should have gone off at Chernobyl when the reactor went down, Chernobyl, like the kind of government run power you get with socialism. Yes, your brain should be ringing out alarms on several levels:

Adam Schiff, a person of marginal intellect, declared he had proof on Trump during the specious Russia probe, then he was embarrassed. Now he has the hubris to go after Trump again.







Level 1: Why is the official US government, FBI, spying on ANY candidate’s campaign? Did they spy on Bernie Sander’s, an outed communist sympathizer and operative, campaign? NO! Did they spy on Ilhan  Omar’s, a known anti-Jew, pro Islamic radical, campaign? No! Did they spy on Alexandria O-what the fuckio Canasta’s campaign? No! So explain why they spied on Trump’s campaign? Why would the FBI spy on any candidate’s campaign? Is that not a totalitarian, police state thing to spy on an opposite party candidate, regardless of who it is? Is that not something you expect to happen in Venezuela? Russia? China? Marcos’s Philippines? Spying on the opposition candidate by official government police and espionage agencies is not supposed to happen in the USA-regardless of how much you despise that candidate.

Level 2:  The official government police agency being told (more or less) to spy on the opposition by the candidate representing the party currently in power? Radical statement on my part? How else can you take the hand off of the Steel report to the FBI? In what other way can you take it than that the Clinton Campaign tacitly or otherwise told the FBI to spy on Trump? This may seem to be the same as Level 1, but it is distinctly different. In the tone of Greta Thunberg, I screech, “How dare you, Bob Woodward- HOW DARE YOU!!!! (my face is red and my emotions uncontrollable), How dare you compare Trump to Nixon when you have this level of spying and collusion going on between the sitting government, the national law agency, and a political candidate? If you had any honesty, you would point this out-but Bill, you are senile, so I guess you can’t grasp intellectual honesty any more-if you ever did.  

Level 3: Given the lack of proof we have been dragged for 2 and a half years through a continuous barrage of propaganda, endless unproven allegations-from the press, i.e. the propaganda arm of the progressive Democratic Party, and by various political hacks of barely moderate intellect, Adam Schiff, for example, “I have the evidence… I have the proof….I have seen the evidence, bla, bla,” Evidently he does not understand what evidence is, because Mueller was finally paraded out before Congress with drums beating and trumpets blowing and then the farce of Russian collusion went belly up, that is except for the investigation by the Attorney General on how this abhorrence to individual rights and protections began in the first place. Two and a half years of fallacious propaganda by the networks and these Democrat demagogues in a Kangaroo Trial which only the KGB could be proud of. NOT supposed to happen here.

Ever since Trump came to office, and even before he was sworn in the Democrats have put ALL their effort into forestalling him, denigrating him, and defaming him-IT”S ALL THEY HAVE DONE!!!. But as GEICO would say, “It’s what demagogues do!” And in the case of the mainstream media, “It’ what hack propagandists do!”

The above is sufficient for any person of honesty and integrity to want the kingpins of this scheme to be removed from office. I know that the people in Schiff’s district are not uniformly idiots. At least half are brighter than he is. You all get together and draw lots to see who will replace him-can’t do worse.  

From left to right:  Woman of Color, Woman of Almost Color,  and Casper the Friendly Ghost (the very, very, very friendly ghost).


The next thing we need to look at in this deconstruction of the Democrat conspiracy is they have been screaming impeachment since before Trump took office. Kind of sounding and acting like Greta, they are demanding this based on foggy evidence and inability to form logical constructs. But, and this is key, all of those previous demands and contorted bases for those demands, were dropped dead in their tracks immediately after they learned of the July phone call to the Ukraine. Is that an admission that all that other drum beating was pure rhetoric and baseless political propaganda? As soon as they found something with the slightest scintilla of true they rushed to impeach-meaning their previous issues had no basis. Meaning their previous issues were all LIES. Again, anyone honest would be writing letters of outrage to all the newspapers. They would not be carrying signs in the streets, because the Nazi storm trooper arm of the progressive movement, Antifa, would beat them down in the streets.  So we are already suffering under the onus of fascism.  That should have any honest person furious-as furious as Greta. I know it is hard to get that far out of line, but you should try.

So lastly the scintilla of evidence: The quid pro quo. Unfortunately, this quid pro quo thing had been established as official MO by the previous administration. Isn’t that what Biden did when he threatened to withhold funding from the Ukraine unless they fired the guy who was investigating Biden’s son? Biden admits to doing that. He is on tape bragging that he did that. Well, of course his defense is that his job was to get rid of a bad prosecutor (one who also happened to be investigating his son).

Let’s deconstruct that for a moment: Bad prosecutor? Why would the USA government give a shit, or why should our government be involved in the internal justice system of any other country?  Maybe the US government might be interested in a “bad” prosecutor in Chicago, or Baltimore, or Mobile.  These places affect the rights of our citizens. If you have to go foreign, then maybe Mexico or Columbia; we’ve put a lot of effort against the drug cartels in these places. Has our government demanded that “bad” prosecutors be fired in any of these places, which have profound impacts on our citizens? Not to my knowledge. So why is a “bad” prosecutor in the Ukraine important enough for Biden to extort the Ukraine president to fire him? From this perspective, the Biden excuse for meddling in the Ukraine justice system rings hollow, and it has the odor of dead fish.

Certainly, I’m curious about why Joe Biden felt this prosecutor deserved his attention. I’m sure President Trump is, too. I think most rational people see an issue there that needs to be investigated. Joe might be guiltless, but the facts need to be developed and put before the American people, so we can rest assured that all was above board there. I don’t see Adam Schiff calling for that, but then his intellect is mundane. 

Instead he and the Democrats are again beating the drums of impeachment. Their one scintilla of evidence is Trump did what Schiff should have done and asked that the Ukraine reopen the investigation that Biden had ordered shut down.

The Democrat lead House seems to be a one pony show where they consume all their time trying to override the separation of powers and muzzle and dominate the executive branch. Is the primary function of the House to subdue and supplant the Executive Branch? I thought their primary duty was to develop legislation to improve the lives of American citizens. The fact that they were after Trump right from the start in the false narrative of the Russia Investigation shows that their motive was disingenuous from the beginning. They smell of corruption and ulterior motives. 

You know what? I’m not the least bit impressed. Who needs them? If they want to be prosecutors, put them out to pasture. I hear there is an opening in the Ukraine which they can apply for.  

Twitter Bans All Political Ads

Well, of course they did. Twitter and other social media are the guerilla information platforms for the conservative movement, since all of the traditional information avenues are mouth pieces for the international progressive movement, which is Comintern rebranded.  Twitter, run by progressives, would rather lose income than allow conservatives to use the platform to make their perspective public.

The democratic solution, as opposed to the fascist progressive solution, is to allow everyone to place whatever political ads they want, as long as they all pay the same rate. Indeed, as I said in a previous essay: All social media needs to be regulated the same as communication utilities. Arguments against that are specious. The social media platforms do not need to police themselves, and should not. The government should. If anyone makes threats of violence, publicizes child porn, etc., the FBI should deal with it, not Zukerman minions.

The government might not always be right, nor fair, but it is always subject to recourse when it behaves inequitably. Zukerman minions rule the information pathways like tyrants, and there is no recourse to their pigheaded self-righteousness

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