Impeachment Blockbuster: Taylor Channels Trump!

Ambassador Taylor is said to heard that Trump was more concerned about the Bidens than corruption in the Ukraine, but we know not his sources, whether alive or from the beyond.

Top Ambassador Taylor informed the House impeachment inquisitors that indeed he had “heard” from a friend, or possibly a friend’s friend, we know not whether dead or alive, possibly Cleopatra herself, that “Trump was more concerned about the Biden’s than Ukrainian corruption.”

We know not who ex-Ambassador Taylor used to conjure this information.  We hope ex, because do we really need someone representing our country who is getting all his facts via channeling? On one hand we have Democrats saying that Trump does not even know what he is thinking, and on the other hand we have Taylor declaring in sworn testimony that he knows what Trump is thinking because a “reliable source” told him what Trump was thinking. 


How do we cross examine that? Possibly this way:

“Ambassador Taylor do you solemnly swear that the source you got your information from is reliable and capable of reading the president’s mind?”

“Yes, your lordship, just the other day we channeled Napoleon, and he indeed confirmed the president’s thought crime.”

“You swear to this?”

Taylor suddenly perks up. His hand does a little mini Nazi salute. “A-well-a, to be more correct, it wasn’t clear whether the third party heard Trump say it to himself, or to another, or possibly he just thought it, or maybe it came in a dream. It’s still a thought crime, right?”

Okay, maybe it isn’t quite that bad but, it is the legal equivalent of that.

And if Taylor were a leaf-blower technician from the Bolivia, who had just slipped across the border illegally, we could forgive him for swearing under oath to third party conjuring, but he is a sophisticated graduate, of some ivy league school I’m sure, and he is supposed to understand the sanctity of individual rights and the necessity of first hand documentable proof even in inquisitions, at least in American ones, which is already an infringement which none of us should suffer.

Schiff, Pelosi, and the rest of the Democrat Representatives should be clear on this as well, but they seem hellbent on Soviet-style inquisitions. That is why more and more independents and all but the most entrenched fascist devotees to progressivism need to dump the Democratic Party. In their desperation to achieve worldwide progressivism, they have lost their respect for individual rights.

If the president can be tried with third party hearsay then what can they do to you when you get in their way? They might not even feel the necessity of conjuring Napoleon to verify your crimes.   

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