Just In: Impeachment of Pelosi, Nadler, and Schiff !!

Congress should impeach Nadler, Schiff, and Pelosi for abuse of power, obstruction of congress,  obstruction of the executive branch, and forestalling the entire government from engaging in the essential duties of governance.

It is an abuse of power for the House to abridge the Separation of Powers by attempting to control the Executive Branch through continuous investigations and a fallacious Soviet-like impeachment.

It’s a joke, right? Just striking out because of frustration, anger, etc., right? 

No! I’m serious. It is clear that Nadler, Schiff, and Pelosi are part of a cabal that has intended to prevent President Trump from completing his goals as president. Now one might say that is what the opposition party does, and I would have to say, that is correct, when such opposition takes place on the floor of the House and the Senate, in the normal course of presenting and opposing various legislative measures.

It is an obstruction of Congress to divert resources, money, and time to pursue a dubious impeachment rather than spend those resources on the main duty of Congress, that is the pursuit of issues of importance to the everyday lives of the American people.

But when the opposite involves itself in continuous nonstop dubious charges as has been the case with the Mueller Investigation that dragged out and obstructed the president from his duties for 2 ½ years, based on falsified documents presented to judges to elicit spying on private citizens thereby infringing on their civil rights. Indeed, this is abuse of power in a long term, conspiratorial fashion, not just a single very obscure slip of words in a five minutes phone conversation, which ironically the Democrats are using as a basis for their continued obstruction of our elected government’s functioning. Indeed, this is an abuse of power, planned out, executed over a long period of time, using methods, some illegal, to forestall the operation of the executive branch.

It is an abuse of power because it involved calculated criminality.

It is an abuse of power to hold a kangaroo court in the House to determine criminality rather than  convening a grant jury or assigning a prosecutor to that task. It is an abuse of power and a violation of the rights of the witnesses and the accused to hold Soviet style secret hearings and Inquisition style questioning to gather evidence.

It is an abuse of power because it operated outside to legal confines of opposition party action on the floor of the Senate and House.

And this is even before we get to the impeachment fiasco. And we all know that the impeachment process is just the next bunker in the Democrats’ long line of egregious interferences, abridgement of individual rights of the president and others, extrapolations of power beyond those ever intended by the Founding Fathers. Indeed, the impeachment has been promised for almost 3 years, and they did not even have a scrap that they could hang their unabashed fallacious claims-until they had a single 5 minute phone call, which only could be viewed as inappropriate, at worst, and possibly very appropriate, at best.

Don’t you want to know what the hell went on with Hunter Biden?

I sure do. I think most Americans do, even Democrats, although they might not admit it, are uncomfortable with the Hunter in Ukraine situation. And certainly, the president was curious about it, although he dedicated no more than 5 minutes to it then went on to something else.

You want abuse of power? Undercover use of the IRS in an ongoing effort to disable your most vocal political opponents, as Obama did. That is abuse of power.  And as I said above, orchestrating false charges and fallacious investigations for years as the Democrats have done. That is abuse of power. Impeaching on the basis of an interpretation of one minute in a five minute phone call on dubious grounds that are unprovable, without any determination of guilt by a grand jury or a prosecutor-i.e. the House needs to have a crime to impeach on and it is an abuse of power for them to create one on their own. That is abuse of power. In a court of the House’s own creation, one that is illegal in its very existence, to then call forth witnesses in secret as never has been done before, in violation of their rights, in violation of the accused’s rights, like a Soviet and Nazi kangaroo court, that is an abuse of power.

To unquestioningly promote the above acts as valid and legitimate which the mass media, including the major networks, the major newspapers, the leading radio networks, has done, is an abuse of power and goodwill by the unfree press. The SS or KGB would be ecstatic to have had such unabashed propagandistic support.

So I say we have volumes of evidence of abuse of power, and conspiracy to thwart, forestall, impede, and obstruct our elected government, and therefore I present the following articles of impeachment against the titular heads of the impeachment process in the House: Pelosi, Nadler, and Schiff as follows:

I hereby charge Nadler, Schiff, and Pelosi et al with obstruction of congress, obstruction of the executive branch of the USA government, and abuse of power.

I call Representative X as my first witness.

Member X, is it true that Schiff, Nadler, and Pelosi orchestrated a plan designed to forestall Congress from accomplishing congressional goals and duties as presented in the Constitution and founding documents of the US, and that Pelosi’s plan has been to occupy the body of Congress with frivolous attacks on the President and his executive branch, thereby consuming valuable time and resources that should have been addressed issues of concern and solved problems of importance to the citizens of the USA? Additionally, is it true that these frivolous acts were orchestrated to forestall and inhibit the executive branch from carrying out its obligations and goals for the American people? And by the misuse of time, money, and the resources, using a seldom invoked rule, i.e. impeachment, which is reserved for high crimes discovered by a grand jury or prosecutor, actions that would require a continuous and energetic effort to implement, in other words not a simple phone call, or not even a couple of simple phone calls, but rather would apply to a relentless series of sinister orchestrations and clandestine actions? In other words, what your colleagues Nadler, Schiff, and Pelosi, have done, is what the impeachment articles charge, namely that they have obstructed congress and abused their power in an attempt to abridge the Constitutional separation of powers, i.e. take control of and manage the Executive Branch through a fallacious impeachment process that does not meet the standards established for that process.

With no future ado we shall proceed to the Senate for the trial of Pelosi, Nadler, and Schiff.

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