No Crime Did Trump Commit, Now You Must Acquit

Just had to get that headline out there!

The Democratic House Has Finally Found Something It Can Do!!!

Impeach-but not very well. They rushed to judgment and misfired, or so it seems, because now they are rumbling about impeaching Trump again-for the very same action- but this time they hope their bumblers can attach the right charge to it, because last time neither the people, nor judges, bought into Pelosi’s jive-assed story.

Who knows maybe if they do it enough times, then they might be successful, kind of like a kid trying to do a backflip off the diving platform. We’ve long known that a great number of the Democrat have a juvenile mentality. Does that mean we have to indulge them like we might children, and elect a kid to congress because he learned to do a backflip, or make a martini? I think most of you would agree that we should not, although it seems okay with people living in Queens.

We have the double indemnity clause in our legal system for a reason, and that reason is so that vindictive people, like the progressives, can’t tie up someone’s life endlessly in court by making one fallacious charge after another.

But possibly we dealing with something more ominous. You’ve heard the old saying: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting to get a different outcome.”

Now we may be onto something.

Or, now that the Justice Department’s Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s

Are the Democrats out to preempt the Durham Report, or to defuse the Horowitz Report by being the first to accuse? Reaccuse? How many chances to they get before we just kick them out?

report is now being scrutinized and a lot is being dug up that is condemning the leadership of the Justice Department, who during the Obama Administration began to spy on the Trump campaign-something that is anathema to democratic principles and the trail is leading back to the Democratic Party leadership.

In any case, for a group of people who have spent so much energy appointing judges who are preoccupied with protecting the rights of murderers, rapists, and drug dealers, they have completely thrown out due process, double indemnity, and other individual rights as they apply to the president.

Millennials for Trump!

Just got back from a Christmas Eve Party tonight where the hosts had the front page of the local newspaper taped to their frig, “Trump Impeached.” I knew from the start that I was going to have to keep my mouth shut given that my wife is a closet communist and the hosts were her best friends ( God help me). Anyway toward the end a fellow in his 30’s pointed to the news clip and asked me, “What do you think of that?” I couldn’t resist and said, “Bullshit. I didn’t vote for Trump last time, but I am next time. “

He said, “You and everyone else. We’re sick of this shit. What a waste of time.”
We talked awhile and an even younger guy, one whose demeanor was not strongly masculine,  joined in and although did not outright declare himself a Trump supporter, did argue both sides while leaning toward disgust with the House and their activities.

This is, of course, a microcosm, but still an illuminating experience. No one I spoke to over Christmas had a positive view of the Democrat Socialist position and this is in one of the two dyed in the wool blue states-yeah, the one on the West Coast. Is it possible that Trump will show strongly in 2020 even here? 

And we have not yet heard from John Durham regarding the abuses of power exercised by the FBI and others during the Trump-Russia investigation, which are clear when one does a deep analysis of the Horowitz report, something the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party, the national media monolith, is incapable of doing.

And I must say unabashedly, that the Democrat Party truly needs to be hit hard, hopefully destroyed beyond salvation in the next election, given their wholesale rush toward fascism. With them, the fanatical propagandists in the national media need to be driven out of business. If Soros can keep them alive by bleeding his wealth out-even better. Yes, they should be wiped out, and the ground they stood on sterilized, then possibly a more ethical, national centric, opposition party can sprout in their wake.

Mandy Norrell needs medication:

Mandy Norrell: Just because she is disturbed doesn’t mean we have to accept her delusions.

After announcing that the military academy cadets need sensitivity training because their balls are big enough that they don’t give a shit nor waste their time worrying about the latest progressive linguistic phobia, the League of Sane Psychiatrists announced that their members would hide in the trees around Mandy’s house and catch her in one of their giant butterfly nets. They told the public not to worry; she soon would be stabilized with medication. 

Really, Mandy is just another left wing progressive, a secret adherent to Communism International, who is attempting to control people by dictating the acceptability of their vocabulary and gestures. In short it is language control by which they herd the masses into a corral, getting the public used to totalitarian rule in every aspect of their life. 1984, and “truth speak” has been with us for a while, but probably not quite since 1984. Good God you people of South Carolina, save yourselves from these tyrants and start by voting this maniac out of office. The League of Sane Psychiatrists will thank you.

Nanzi Pelosi Calls for an Illegal Alien Invasion:

In an odd confluence of events, Pelosi tells us that we must let the “new comers” among us have the right to vote, meanwhile the Bidens tiptoed down to Mexico to spend Christmas helping the poor noncitizens, tacitly implying “I helped you, now you help me, and then I’ll help you even more.”

I just like posting this picture. It says everything that needs to be said.

Nanzi went on to remind us that we are all too jaded, or too educated, skilled, and aware of our culture, society, rules of governance etc. to be of any value, and the “new comers” are the new, fresh, uneducated and unskilled who will to reinvigorate us with disease, homelessness, a huge dependent population ( as if we don’t already have one), and of course, crime.

Well she didn’t say it that way, but she did remind us that our ancestors were once the very same immigrants. Well, somewhat true, the difference being that our ancestors, those who came from Europe post-Civil War in droves, were invited here for the main purpose of turning the Midwest of today, the Great American Desert of those days, into farmland. That has been done, we really don’t need people who are just like our grandfathers and grandmothers to settle the Midwest again. I repeat, the Midwest has been settled. Maybe we need leadership that is more pragmatic and will invite people here who can help us with our real right-now problems, not our already solved 1880’s problems.

Do ya think?

Meanwhile, the Biden’s endeared themselves helping the poor residing south of the border; have the Biden’s not seen the tent cities in the burbs of California? I think Biden must have said something about our poor and homeless up here- didn’t he, or did he? So what is he up to down in Mexico. Something like what he was up to down in the Ukraine?

Anyway, there is something sinister here, the pandering to non-citizens by Pelosi and Biden at the same time. Are the Democrats so desperate about the 2020 election that they are willing to go all in, instigating a foreign invasion from the south before November of 2020?

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