As with Putin, So Goes Pelosi



In recent news, we hear that Putin is rewriting the Russian Constitution. At home, Nanzi Pelosi continues to try to manipulate our system into a Parliamentary form of governance, thus she copies Putin, her secret mentor, to a tee.  Her minions followed her lead and have voted that Trump could longer exercise his war powers in Iran, as if she and the House had granted those powers to him, and that he operates at the will of Parliament. If the constitution, not her and her minions, grants hims those powers, well she’ll just ignore it and go on as if, indeed, we have a parliamentary government and she is in charge.

This is a dangerous precedent. Someone needs to step in and stand her in a corner. There’s a Supreme Court Justice, there’s the Senate, and there are a few Republican Senators that need a swift kick in the pants. This is not the time to massage the politics. This lady needs to be stood up to, and hopeful publicly embarrassed and admonished for these little overstep power grab pranks. I really think it is the duty of Justice Roberts to do it. Someone needs end this attempt to undermine the balance of powers, and do it abruptly, rudely, and firmly. After that maybe everyone can return to their playpen and play nicely.

Instead, Pelosi and her mindless minions have jacked up the political stakes using their dubious impeachment articles as leverage. Pelosi has now been emboldened to tell the Senate how they must support and legitimize the results of her kangaroo court. Whether she wins or loses, it is clear she is laying the groundwork for the overthrow of the separation of powers, and the aggregation of all power in the House where she now hold the majority. This would eventually convert this country from a constitutional government built firmly around the rules of separation of powers to a parliamentary government run by popular vote from a largely under-educated and brainwashed mob.

Digging down, you have to think she believes that the aging youth have been mentally cooped by the progressive rhetoric now institutionalized in our public education system and our alleged news media, both masterfully manipulated by the leftist Intelligentsia. Throw in the uneducated and unsophisticated mobs streaming across our southern border and she believes the tide of international progressivism is unstoppable. Now she seems to have frightened maybe 6 Republican senators, Romney and Rand among them, to hedge their bets and pretend that the House kangaroo court impeachment has a semblance of legitimacy. Any honest person would not yield to this thuggery, and let’s hope that most of those 6 will stop playing politics long enough to act with integrity when the vote is called.

It is clear to any logical and honest person that the Democrat leadership, apparently at the encouragement of then President Obama, formulated their insurrection the day Trump was elected and have pursued it non-stop since then, sending wave after wave of assaults, never deterring but marching on with the next demented charge. The impeachment is just the latest phase in that assault, and Pelosi has recently announced if this impeachment fails, she will try another and another, like a child throwing serial temper tantrums, until everyone has a migraine and yields to her.

I think the progressive fascists are wrong. A good portion of the youth have resisted the brainwashing from those propagandists in the media and the educational system, and it does seem that many have had their eyes opened. They have been awakened as logically and coherent adults, rather than falling for the gibberish of the woke crowd.

Let’s declare the truth clearly:

After Joe Biden twisted the arm of the Ukrainian government to fire the prosecutor who was investigating Biden’s son’s company, can anyone fault Trump for asking that the situation be further investigated? Haven’t the Democrats told us over and over that the president is not above the law?

Well then, if the president is not above the law then neither is the ex-vice president. Does anyone not see that Biden’s Ukraine action implies some very fishy motives? If the president is not above the law, then neither is a presidential candidate, regardless of that candidate’s relationship with the existing president. I.e., just because you are running against the president does not make give you immunity from your seemingly corrupt activity.

Did anyone read the transcript of the phone call? Trump did not ask Zelensky to dig up dirt on Biden, but rather to clean up the investigation. Joe Biden had stopped it abruptly before it was finished, and Trump asked that there be closure, one way or another. That is the most rational interpretation of Trump’s comment.  

There is no crime here, only the attempt to have a very stinky, potentially criminal situation investigated, and no honest senator, Democrat or Republican, should vote to convict the president. If all the Democrats vote for conviction, then the public has no choice but to view all the democratic senators as corrupt politicians, for whom they can no longer vote. Ditto regarding any Republican senator, who doesn’t vote to dismiss this case on the basis that it is clearly the latest action in a two and one half year long string of such actions intending to overturn the 2016 election.

It’s time these people be put on notice by the citizens of this country.

Bernie Sander’s Lieutenant Calls for a Violent Revolution

Meanwhile, staff member for Commissar Bernie, a guy by the name of  Kyle Jurek has been caught blabbering about burning cities, beating cops, dragging the wealthy into the streets, forcing the survivors into concentration camps, bla,bla, bla…

I told you that the communists, Nazis, and progressives are factions of the same collectivists. Do you really want these characters in charge of your lives?

Dear Kyle, I probably have known a dozen or more mega-millionaires, as well as hundreds of millionaires  in my life and in large they all worked long hard hours to achieve their success. In addition, most have been generous with their money, time, and help for those who have shown a desire to improve themselves.

You can read more about the compassionate socialist, Kyle, here.

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