Democratic Candidates Come Down to a Communist versus a Nazi

Bernie owns three houses and is a millionaire but appeals to the young college students by promising them a communist regime, the motto of which is: You act like you work; we act like we provide you with your necessities.

Tonight, the Democratic presidential candidates have spent another evening stridently trying to out auction themselves to each and every special interest group with higher and more exorbitant giveaways of your tax dollars, while insisting that the necessity of it lies in made up problems which don’t actually exist.

Trump should simply launch his campaign thusly, “My opponents are trying to out promise giveaways to this and that special interest group. I just make one promise to you. That is, I will continue to do as I have done, deliver a better life to every American citizen.”

And he wins.

Look it seems clear that in the end the Democratic primary will come down to a simple choice between a Bolshevik, Bernie Sanders, and a Nazi, Mike Bloomberg. Well, that is very unfair. Mike is not a Nazi. He is a Jew, and would have to be absolutely crazy to be a Nazi. But he does seem to be absolutely crazy to have the power to rule and control each and every one of our lives. So, though not a Nazi, he is a bit Hitlerian, and that is scary.

To clarify: Both communists and Nazis are far left collectivists (yes Nazis are on the left, despite what your high school civics teacher told you. She didn’t understand because he never analyzed the absurdity of the proposition that Nazis are far right and Commies are far left. The is true only so if you are standing to the far left, like a progressive would be. Then the Commies are a little to the left and the Nazis, a little to the right. If you squeeze you shoulders hard enough, you can get between them. Read Oriana Fallaci.

So do I have to explain why Bennie is a commie? Okay:

  1. He never met a failed communist or socialist regime that he didn’t like, even regimes that browbeat, imprisoned, murdered, and starved their people.
  2. He honeymooned in Russia, when it was communist and abhors it since it rejected communism.
  3. He is a hypocrite. He owns three houses and is a multimillionaire. Why do the rabid communists support such a capitalist in sheep’s clothing? Simply, he is their nose in the tent. So they’ll let him keep his houses; keep his money, so long as he lets them steal everyone else’s money and houses.
  4. He wants to dismantle the American capitalist economy which under Trump has benefited all WORKING Americans, and
  5. He thinks he can hand the pieces to his indigent followers, making them instantly wealthy. It’s like taking a herd of dairy cattle and cutting them into pieces so that everyone can have a piece and then wondering why the cows don’t produce milk anymore.
  6. Bernie wants everything to be free, but to do that we all have to work for free. In short, every idea that comes out of Bernie’s mouth is based on the premise that the workers will keep working even as their tax burden goes from 50% (about where it is now when you consider every tax that you pay) to higher than 80% for people of moderate income. In implementation that scheme boils down to the Soviet axiom: You act like you work, and we act like we provide you with the necessities of life-It’s a death wish, an economic death wish.

Mike Bloomberg is a very successful person, which I respect, but governs like a fascist-He ought to find a country that would appreciate a dictator.

So Bloomberg tries to act normal; tries to say normal things; tries to make you believe he is the one realistic Democratic candidate, which he is, but below that surface he seems to be a raging dictator:

  1. He told New Yorkers how much soda they could drink. A bit Hitlerian, do you really want him making little minutiae dictums regarding your everyday life, and
  2. What about when he decides to make bigger dictums about your everyday life? This is stuff they are accusing Trump of planning, but Bloomberg has already done them, and Trump never did.
  3. He turned the NY police loose on minority blacks and Hispanics with the frisk and cease order, stating that young minority men are responsible for most of the crimes, so go after them. Hold on, Mike! Even if it is so, a majority of the crimes may be perpetuated by minor men, but the majority of minority men do NOT commit crimes. Where did their rights go? Stomping on them is kind of Hitlerian, something like saying “someone in this town killed our general, so kill everyone in this town.”
  4. He made some declaration about withholding healthcare from elderly people, because it is too expensive. Hold on, Mike! You know there are some older people who are still contributing to our society more than their younger counterparts who may be deadbeat druggies, and what about old peoples’previous contributions in the form of Medicare payments, and what about their dignity and rights and the guarantees of healthcare for all? And isn’t it your party that is up in a dither about, people with preexisting conditions? Those people are expensive, too. You going to withhold care from them because it is expensive? What about babies born with life threatening conditions-just let them die? Oh, yeah, you’re from the party that says if mom doesn’t want the baby, just kill it. Do you people really want to elect people who think like that? It’s not that many steps away from loading people into trains that go to distant incinerators.

I don’t need any more examples of how a person like Bernie or Mike make decisions that he has no business making about my life. Hope you are as smart as I am.

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