Bernie Sanders: Fifty Percent Wealth Taxes and a Coronavirus Pandemic

Bernie Sanders’s resume: Welfare recipient and political demagogue. The perfect communist candidate, a know nothing.

Bernie, who loves to praise Communist regimes and holds Denmark up as the very model of a modern major society,  promises us free education, free medicine, and a bunch of other free things coupled with endless unhampered migration of poverty stricken, disease ridden, uneducated, unskilled, non-English speaking people from south of the border.

Even the stupidest among you have to see a major problem with this. And the problem is how do you pay for it, and the other problem is do you, in the back of your mind, really want you and your children to be surrounding by an ever growing refugee camp, because that is what you will get if Bernie keeps his promises. Of course, there is always the possibility that he will drag our society down to the level of Venezuela, and then you won’t be able to hold all those immigrants in this country. You’ll be wanting to leave with them, but they probably won’t be as nice as you were.

But let’s presume that he drains the bank before we crumble into Venezuela. How would he do that, and remember he’ll be throwing money hand over fist at all of the poverty, graft, and disease coming north from the south? It’s an endless supply of the destitute, and in the end, we all know there is only one way to defeat all the poverty in the Southern Hemisphere, and that is a reconfiguration of the governmental and social structures in those countries. It is not by re-configuring ourselves into a similar situation to theirs. If you’re dead set on solving their problem, please move down there and institute a literacy campaign of your own. It would be more meaningful than Castro’s literacy, alias indoctrination, campaign which Bernie foolishly brags about. Everyone knows that the Castro literacy program was simply a propaganda campaign convincing people that they were winning while starving in his communist dictatorship. Everyone knows this except Bernie, I mean, everyone, even the children.

But again, let’s imagine that the United States, for some strange reason, has a population where more than half of the people have below average IQs, and those diminutive intellects vote for Bernie and elect him.  He promised a wealth tax on the top 1%. Believe me he won’t stop there. He will have to go down through the top 50% of the population. But let’s say he starts out with a wealth tax only on the top 1%. Let’s say he really sticks it to those rich people and puts a wealth tax of 99% on them, and let’s say they own 50% of the wealth in America. How much money would he raise for his programs?

Almost nothing.


The top 1% has 99% of their wealth invested in businesses. They do not have all that money in the bank. So when you tax them at 99%, you get to take control of the nation’s businesses, so you get socialism through taxation, but you get very little cash to buy housing, education, etc. etc. for the huddled masses from south of the border, and really based on Bernie Hitler’s talk, his plan is to integrate the whole Western Hemisphere into one giant communist regime. I.e. you can’t sell a steel beam from a factory to buy a cabbage, so confiscating wealth only gives you control of the production facilities. Can you sell the factories? At a wholesale discount? You’ll have to because you just took all the wealth from those who could afford to build the factories in the first place.

Read between the lines and think. What is the meaning of: Free, Free, Free things to everyone including the non-stop flow of humanity across the borders?

Well for one thing, it means no increase in your living standard, and that includes you who work here at marginal jobs because you never prepared yourself to work at any other kind of job. I mean you journalists. I mean you other minimum wage people. Indeed, you are apt to loss your low paying jobs. But what does it matter? Everything is free right. You can go to the park; smoke some weed; chill out; pick up on some hot sex-you still get free housing, free school (indoctrination that will never raise your standard of living- well there is no hope there anyway because the factories will be owned by the government).

Essentially your improved life under socialism is based on the communist principle:

“You act like you work, we act like we provide you with your necessities.”

Okay, if you can’t get much money from confiscating factories, i.e. taking control of them, then where can you get money? Cash flow. Where does the cash flow? Into people’s salaries. So, you still have to tax people’s income, and now since you are promising double, triple government benefits, you have to tax more people more.  

Okay how much are you taxed now? I’m taxed at 40%, probably 50%. I pay 24% federal tax, 10% state tax, another $6000 in property tax, plus also Medicare tax, and other federal taxes, a sales tax on everything I buy, and a really high gasoline tax.  A large part of the price I pay for a thing is to offset the  taxes that the producer of the thing paid when they bought their materials and labor.  

I guess I’ll have to go back to school and get a free education. I already have 3 degrees, but maybe another can serve the purpose of killing boredom, but I’ll have to face the prospect of the Soviet motto: “You act like you go to school, and we act like we educate you in some useful way.”

With all of those indigent people flowing into the country, how are they going to provide the housing? What about a 50% wealth tax on the middle class? The middle class doesn’t own factories, so where is their wealth? In their homes. 50% tax on middle class wealth simply means the government becomes half owner of your house.  You have two spare bedrooms? Now the government has two spare bedrooms.

Notice from Bernie’s Bros (now the Gestapo):

Dear home owner,

Monday a squad of soldiers will show up at your house with a family of 5 from Nicaragua. They will be moving into your two spare bedrooms and will be using the toilet in the hall. Please teach them the use of TP. Also, you will share our collective kitchen with them, and please let them use our collective car until such time as we provide them with their new solar car.  Believe it; this is what happens when socialism turns communism, and Bernie is already sweet on the Soviets and Castro.

Don’t think that you get off if you just own a car. The government will take half of that too, and you will be driving yourself to work then handing your car over to someone else to use as a taxi during the day. If they happen to get caught hauling drugs with it, then you will be arrested too.

Progressives Love Coronavirus:

Jaundice Chuck has not presented a Coronavirus bill to Congress, yet he wastes time criticizing Trump.

So let’s view some facts about the coronavirus:

1.John Hopkins, the premier health care university in the USA and maybe the world, says that the US is best prepared to deal with this type of health threat.

2. Singapore, a city state of less than 6 million people, has more cases of coronavirus than the entire US.

3. Europe, that bastion of socialism perfection, has at least a magnitude (10x) more cases and deaths than the US. So far the US has no deaths and less than 60 cases. Italy alone has 10x  as many cases as the USA.

4. At this point, and hopefully into the future, the coronavirus, at least in the USA, has proven to be less virulent and lethal than the annual flu. Indeed, at this moment you are more likely to die of the flu than of the coronavirus.

5. There already is a vaccine for the coronavirus, but the trial testing will take months.

6. We don’t know how this thing will go. Take all of the recommended precautions. Report  if you think you or a family member has it. And we’ll see how it develops, but you are much better off being in the USA than almost any other place on the global with regard to this virus.

We need to view the coronavirus as a test case for any and many various diseases, new and old with evolved potency that come across our southern border through the vector of uncontrolled immigration. You might say we are lucky that the first such threat comes out of China, which is separated by distance and an ocean, thereby preventing massive, uncontrolled immigration. Where would we be if, indeed, the corona or something worse had evolved in Honduras, Guatemala, or Venezuela? All these are places that the new progressives and their Democratic minions have clamored for uncontrolled illegal (undocumented) immigration from. One can only wonder what clap-trap bull crap Schuck’m, Bernie, Nanzi and the others would come up with to blame Trump for the epidemic which they were fully responsible for causing if it had come from there.

I wonder if we had some contagion come across the border, would sanctuary cities work with the feds? They probably would refuse to release any names of recent illegal immigrants who had been treated in their hospitals. Ah, the progressives, I do so much want to put my life into their hands.

Just like they say with this virus: It’s not if, but when it will break out here. So, it is with antibiotic resistant tuberculosis and other diseases and parasites from south of the border: It’s not if we’ll have an outbreak that is much more severe than the coronavirus, it is when-so long as we continue to allow uncontrolled entry to this country. We need to slap the collective faces of progressives, and “woke” them to the real world and its issues.  Do they not understand this simple scientific principle: If you want to keep contagions out of a space, then you control the borders of that space. The stupidity of progressives is legend.   

What does the Corona virus have to do with the stock market? Well clearly a lot of stuff that gets sold in this country is made in China, and with quarantines in place and people naturally being hesitate to go into public places, work production slows down.  Of course, the slow down is not proportional in length and intensity to the stock market gyrations and jitters. We would have to have something on the order of the Spanish Flu of the 1910s to warrant that much change in the market. I don’t believe that we will every have a contagion that will impact the US population like that again, at least so long as we are able to maintain our health standards, which could be contingent on Bernie and the progressives being kept out of power.

An additional interesting aspect of the Chinese quarantines is that almost all of the basic compounds needed to make our medicines are made in China. With China in quarantine, we lose access to the medications we need for a whole spectrum of diseases and disorders that our citizens have.  This is a security issue. Again, Trump’s policies have inadvertently helped us in this regard, by bringing some manufacturing back to the US. The coronavirus quarantines should awaken us to the need to bring more of the essential manufacturing to our shores.

Funny thing, Trump has run a giant corporation, and Shuck’m has only run his mouth. I mean, he has only run his mouth his entire life; he is an accomplished demagogue and nothing more. So, which is going to be more capable at assessing and handling this or any critical situation: A demagogue whose whole life has been spent filling the masses with fear and distrust of everyone, or a guy who ran a major company. I know, I know, the Marxists believe anyone can run a major company, but until they actually have a successful government somewhere in the world that doesn’t depend on capitalists, I’m not believing them. Yeah and also Yuck might want to get the correct vote in his party’s Iowa caucus, before he starts calling someone else incompetent.

Right now we lose 20,000 to 60,000 lives a year to flu, and I haven’t seen Shuck’m show any concern about that. There have been less than 60 cases of the coronavirus in the US, and no one can say that about China, where Bernie’s righteous communist regime is addressing the problem, which started because their literacy program forgot to teach major rules of hygiene. In regard to public health and safety they lie like the Soviets did about the Chernobyl accident.

China has applied another socialist motto: “We act like we care for you, and you act like you’re not sick, and if you die, we’ll act like you didn’t.”

How much should the government have done, Schuck’m with the jaundiced skin, and why are you complaining about Trump when you have not even drafted a bill to put before Congress on the subject? Is this yet another case of Democrats pointing at someone else to take the attention off of their own inaptness?

Unknown to Yuck’m, experts at John Hopkins say that the US is the best prepared country in the world to deal with this situation.

Chuck you should have your staff do research before you mouth off, but your only skill is being a demagogue so why would you limit your opportunities to be one? Same for you, Bernie, you’ve made a profession of demagoguery, so how can we expect you to do anything else but misinform and generate discontent? You certainly can’t improve anyone’s life. You know the only reason you make these embarrassing statements is because your constituents don’t hold you accountable- they’re lazy-minded progressives.

In the end, it will be the scientists and free enterprise that comes up with a vaccine for the coronavirus. By the way, they already have; it’s the extensive testing that is holding the production up.

In comparison, China’s handling of it really makes you feel warm and fuzzy about a Bernie presidency, doesn’t it?

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