Grim Milestone: COVID Kills 78,000 Americans in States Run by Democrat Governors

Pravda USA, aka the alleged American Free Press has recently pronounced that we are approaching a “grime milestone.” They are in so lockstep that their language comes verbatim from every source as if were they to say something slightly different, then they might be executed for treason against the progressive movement, aka Comintern, rebranded. Their message is 100,000 Americans dead from COVID19 is a grime milestone. Their implication, Trump’s fault, is pure medieval or even primal superstition. How about burning him as a sacrifice to the gods?

They would if they could. Slap yourself in the face, and think: Do you really want them and their Democrat minions running this country, or any government? Slap yourself in the face, and think: How different from lunatic Nazis are they? About as different as the lunatic Commies, which is not different. If the Nazis are right and the Commies are left, then they each are so far in their direction that when they bend over they bump each other in the ass.

They are the same.

In any case, their mindless, illogical, emotionally charged behavior has caused me to do a little research so that I can put their propagandist rhetoric into perspective. Their headline reads that we approach a grime milestone almost 100,000 dead, and somehow Trump was supposed to be Jesus Christ and should have anticipated this pandemic better than anyone in the world (which he darned near did), then wave his Holy Hand over us, like Moses, marking our doors such that zero American citizens would have been killed, which he could not do, nor could anyone have done, particularly with a bunch of Democrat governors doing truly stupid things to mess up their states.

But they pompously imply that the very same Democrats that railed against Trump for stopping flights from China, and who then encouraged bump grinding in the streets in protest of Trump’s lock down of Chinese flights, would have done better. It’s a particularly specious suggestion since it is clear that they have been at least two weeks behind Trump even in recognizing the problem.

New York, run by Democrat Governor Cuomo, has the highest COVID death rate in the world. It’s higher than France or Spain, nations that are three times larger than New York.

Let’s put the COVID death rate in perspective.  Pravda USA loves to point out absolutes without putting them into perspective. The USA has nearly 100,000 deaths, the most of any nation in the world. They say that without saying that most nations of the world have no clue how many deaths they have. Really the only other government of substantial size and also has intense testing is the EU.  So the US needs to be compared to the EU, not each little sub-state of the EU. When you take Great Britain, Spain, and France you find that together they have as many deaths as the US, but the sum their population is only 2/3’s of the US population.

Pravda USA forgot to tell you that.

Going on, add in Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, and Germany and you find that the EU has almost double the number of deaths as the USA, and on a per infection, or per population basis, they have roughly twice the number dead as the USA.

But Pravda USA forgot to tell you that.

And if you argue that the European nations must be considered on their own. Then I argue that each state must be considered on its own, since each state implements its own COVID plan. When you look at the state death rates you find that Florida, a state run by a Republican  and has a population that is roughly 1/4th of Germany’s, has deaths equal to  1/4th of Germany’s.  Florida is as good as Germany regarding COVID management. Texas has a Republican governor and its population is about 1/3rd of Germany’s and its deaths are about 1/6th of Germany’s. Texas should be held up as the best state in the world for limiting COVID deaths. 

Florida, run by Republican Governor Desantis, has one of the lowest COVID death rates, similar to Germany’s.

At one time Pravda USA propagandists were writing articles that asked, “Why aren’t the Germans dying?” Maybe they should have been writing articles that asked, “How come the Texans aren’t dying?”

But they don’t want you to know that.

Texas is better than Germany; Florida is about equal to Germany, yet laughably, the New York Times has published article after article slamming Texas and Florida’s governors for not locking down long enough or completely enough, while they keep praising Governor Cuomo of New York, the state has a worse death rate than any country in the world. 

New York  has  about 1/4th of Germany’s population and has about three times the number of deaths as Germany. New York has almost as many deaths as Italy, a nation with three times the population of New York. New York has more deaths than France, and more deaths than Spain, both countries that have about four times as many people as New York.

And yet the New York Times, laughably, touts the way their governor has handled the COVID situation.  I say laughably, but maybe it is more sinister. Could the Times be happy that he cold bloodedly channeled active COVID cases into the nursing homes? It caused old people to die, and old people generally vote Republican. Old people also tend to be a burden on the “socialized” medical system. The governor might see a benefit in getting rid of them. Perhaps the Times staff is ecstatic that COVID finally gave them the “death panels” that ObamaCare never delivered?

One has to wonder if the staff at the Times and the rest of the mainstream media are just stupid, or are they amoral, or are they just afraid that if they were honest then they might disappoint their maniacal progressive leaders?

Taken together, the states run by the Democrats comprise 80% of the COVID deaths in the USA, and if they were a nation they would have one of the worst COVID death rates in the world.

However, New York is not alone. When you take all of the deaths in the states run by Democratic governors, you find that it is roughly 78,000 of the 98,000 nationwide. Only about 20,000 of the deaths have come in states run by Republican governors. 80% of all deaths in the USA have been in states with Democratic governors.  The deaths in Democrat states exceed those of any other nation of the world, while the deaths in Republican states are among the lowest in the world.

If they were a nation, the states run by Republican governors would have one of the lowest COVID death rates in the world.

In fact, if all of the states run by democrats were a nation it would be the nation that has been the worst hit by the virus, and if all the states that are run by Republicans were a nation then it would be one of least damaged nations by the virus, right in there with South Korea and Germany.

So, Andrew Cuomo don’t call it the European Virus, call it the New York Virus, or better yet the Democrat Governors’ Virus.  

[New John Hopkins Page state by state daily infections (link) Many of these states have such low numbers of new infections, 2-6 per day per 100,000 people, that they should be easy to track and trace.  Any modern society should be able to manage this rate of infection in its normal course of business.  We should be opening up, NOW!  We’re going to be dancing with this devil for a while, so we have to learn how to function while minimizing the damage. Everyone must take common sense precautions, particularly in confined spaces. You don’t want to be the one that causes your community to have to shut down again.]

This man is not capable of fairly censoring people’s communications,. It is time to declare Twitter, Facebook, and Google and all Internet communications platforms to be utilities where they must allow all to communicate freely.

Twitter,  Censor of the First Amendment: Twitter, Google, and Facebook along with the other Internet Communication Utilities have taken it on to censor and limit what people can say on their communication platforms, as if they were running private clubs. Their censorship is often political by nature, so it is discriminatory based on race, creed, or color, therefore the Department of Justice has a duty to disallow such censoring. In addition, and more so, as I have argued before, these Internet platforms have become the communication pathways of choice, replacing the mail service and phone service. They must be declared to be public communications utilities and the right of every person to express themselves freely with no censorship needs to be upheld. If someone posts something illegal, then it will become law enforcement’s responsibility to investigate and prosecute. Please read my previous essays on this topic, linked here, and please pass this on to others. Hopefully, we can get enough people interested and get some action, which is long overdue.   

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