The Immorality of the Honest Protester

“Even marching can serve as a unifier. The Nazis made vast use of this preposterous varient of action. Hermann Rauschining, who at first thought this eternal marching a senseless waste of time and energy, recognized later its subtle effect. ‘Marching diverts men’s thoughts. Marching kills thought. Marching makes an end of individuality.'” Eric Hoffer

[Update: Black girl killed in protest by a rioter (link). This article should  shame you, honest protester, into staying home. Then to begin the deep thought process of actually working toward solutions, rather than wandering the streets and providing cover for animals who use your protest to injure innocent people. Don’t yammer back about what the police did; we are talking about what you are doing NOW!  The responsibility always lies for all that has been done in the hands of the doer, and those that enable him. Don’t be an enabler for violence.]

No one with any morality or ethical standing can continue to engage in protests after the first store was looted, and certainly not after the first building was burned; and absolutely not after the first person was beaten by the protesters.  To continue to participate is to condone the disruption and destruction of tens of thousands of people’s lives. Many, many of which are minorities whose life savings and work are being destroyed, and every one of these victims had absolutely nothing to do with the injustice.

To quote Greta Thunberg, “How dare you!!” 

How does the perpetuation of injustice solve injustice? How do you stand there in the crowd watching the destruction? How do you feel being engulfed by mindless hate and predatory exploitation? How does the perpetuation of hate solve hate?

Do you think that somehow you are moving our society to a better place than it was six months ago, a year ago, any time ago? You seriously think that what you are doing is somehow improving things?

If you seriously believe in truth and justice, then you must walk away from the protests regardless of how much you feel the necessity of seeing justice. One thing is for sure, you are not seeing it here.

If you want to improve things find a better avenue. How about doing something the whole nation can get behind? Go to Minneapolis and surround city hall in a continuous peaceful vigil that will not be broken until justice is done.  When one person leaves, another takes that place. The nation would cheer you. The world would cheer you.

Why cause fracturing and hate when you can cause unity and harmony. Why destroy people’s lives when you could be helping people?

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