Most People Want to Live Peaceful Lives

A man is likely to mind his own business when it is worth minding. When it is not, he takes his mind off his own meaningless affairs by minding other people’s business.” Eric Hoffer

Most people, regardless of race or color, want to live their lives in a steady, dependable society, where the rules, although maybe not perfect, are reasonable, livable, and people have a fair chance of achieving their personal goals and of maintaining the wellbeing of their families. As they grow older most people, regardless of race or religion, begin to invest their life energies in family, children and property, and as maturing adults they want to know these aspects of their lives are safe, secure, and will still exist tomorrow morning and the next morning and will still be there. Most adult people who have been investing their energy in family, children, car, house, and other elements of the life, know that their contract with society is not perfect. After all they themselves are not perfect, nor is their spouse perfect, not were their parents perfect, nor their siblings, nor their children, nor their friends, nor their neighbors, nor are those who regulate the order and conduct of society. Sometimes any one of these can be far from perfect, but most adults are comfortable with a society that recognizes its imperfections and works toward correcting them in a systematic, peaceful, and steady process that promises not to disrupt the order of their lives and their dreams for the future. Clearly these adults would never think to replace the imperfect structure of their society through a radical upheaval on the pretext that something better would be jimmied up from the ashes of their lives and the destruction of their hopes and dreams. Most certainly they would not accept such a proposition on the promises of Marxists, whose track record of social modification have led to universal misery: in the Soviet Union, in the German Democratic Republic, in Cambodia, in Cuba, and in Venezuela. Their only successes have been in China and Vietnam, where ironically, they were bailed out by American capitalists’ dollars and American tourist dollars, respectively. Even in those two countries the Marxist contract was accompanied by great loss of life and individual freedom. 

If something sounds too good to be true, then probably it isn’t good or true. The Marxist rhetoric promises Utopia, but Marxist action delivers a gray Purgatory of a minimal existence and hopelessness, enforced with lethal force against all citizens regardless of race.  

The Marxist contract has always been a bad deal, mainly because it goes against human nature, and the nature of life. Since the Marxists have not yet gotten the power to erase all of history, although they have tried, you can still read about the ravages of their failures. In the Soviet Union, where the Marxists propagandized their greatness from the day a child could first understand words until the day that child became a grandfather, and then for the life of his child, and his child’s child, the people who had known nothing but propaganda for three generations, knew in their hearts and in their guts that they had become slaves to bunch of fanatical totalitarians-and they threw them out.

Mostly white privileged children, mindless minions of Marxists. They were allowed to roam as gangs, destroying at will during the early Soviet days, and they murdered millions of people for the Khmer Rouge. The Marxist love to use them because they are easily manipulated.

One does not have to be educated, nor brilliant to see it. You can sense in your gut that it is wrong. One does not have to be brilliant to realize that if you want tinted windows in your car, then you don’t burn the car and try to put new windows in the ashes. And if you want to add one room to a house, then you do not burn down the house, and then try to nail new timbers to the charred remain. If your car is good, if your house is good, if your social contract is good, then you seek to tweak it, not destroy it.

The Marxist record of delivering on their promises is horrific. You know it in your gut.

However, we have are talking about responsible, adult citizens. The problem is that we have a large population of juvenile and suspended adolescent citizens, people who are between 25-40 years of age and who never were required to become adults, and remain children, mentally. They have not been held accountable for their decisions nor their actions. Most of them have gone to college, not to become educated with the skills necessary to help them live a more robust and successful life, but rather they have often steered their studies toward professors who reward sycophants with positive grades simply for memorizing  Marxist slogans, and then repeating those words with anger and vigor at public gatherings. In other words, they sought mentally easy paths, expecting equal rewards to those who took difficult curriculums. These white privileged children, and make no mistake there are also black white privileged children, let the Marxists infuse their minds with an archaic philosophy that never had any real world legitimacy, and which focuses on the pimple on their ear lobe. This pimple, the Marxists say the essence of capitalism and is destroying the world and destroying down trodden minority people by the billions worldwide. The reverse is true. Capitalism sustains the people of the world. 

However, the suspended adolescent has begun to see that her life is a dead end, and all his effort for a whole, long decade of higher learning has done nothing to move her to a better life. It cannot be his fault, so it must be the fucked up society’s fault, part of which were her parents that did not protect him from making her bad decisions. The suspended adolescent does not take responsibility for its decisions, nor actions, but she loves that his Marxist professor blames others for his own failings and encourages her to be angry and strike out at those others. Maybe those others can be provoked into figuring out how to fix her, because he sure has no clue how to fix herself.

Mostly they are forced to take menial jobs because they have never developed any skills throughout the protracted years of their so called education. They have learned, like other puritanical groups before them, the lexicon of their fantastical belief system. Why else would Bernie Sanders say that we need to make college free to everyone. when college supposedly is advanced education for those capable of advanced thinking and understanding? Half of the people have lower than average mental capabilities. We already see that a good portion of college graduates are incapable of extended rational thought, and don’t end up with better lives for having attended colleges, so why would we send more students there? Of course, Bernie intends it exactly that way. They aren’t to get a free education; they are to get a free life numbing indoctrination, and those on the lower end of the mental spectrum are the perfect candidates.

The failed graduates don’t spend their spare time catching up to their contemporaries by developing useful skills, rather they sit around in groups smoking pot and reinforcing their own brainwashing by reciting their Marxist mantras, the touchstones of their beliefs, but they never ever test those beliefs against the real world. Instead their beliefs form the security blanket which they hide under to protect themselves from the blinding light of the real world. Their leaders are the angry psychotics who blame their life failings on the society in general and on everyone who has been more successful than they have. Their minion followers are  listless, directionless, and mentally incompetent and go willingly along with the mob, because it’s easier than actually thinking and working to build something, something like their own lives, and of course they get pats on the back from the psychotic leaders during the pot smoking sessions.

But where does that leave them? They don’t ask, it requires throwing off the blanket and starring into the blinding light.   

Clearly not every student becomes mesmerized by Marxist professors. Many, maybe even the majority pass through these classes unscathed by the ranting of these unaccomplished misfits. These students may have the ability to see that their lives are immensely better than those of their fore bearers, whose educations ended at the 8th grade when they went from child to adult overnight, skipping adolescence necessitated by their family’s need to survive.

Pimples on the Earlobe: Marxist Misdirection and Propaganda

I have a metaphor for the Marxist propaganda machine. It goes this way:

Once there was a great American athlete who participated in the Olympics. She was so good that on a single day she won gold medals in 2000 meters, 100 meters, and the javelin. The same day she placed second in the broad jump. Her body was perfect, like a god’s, except she had two tiny pimples on her earlobe. The Soviet news media approached her at the end of the day, gave her many congratulations and she thanked them. They took many photos. After a few minutes she informed them that she would like to retire to the locker room, and she walked away with fellow athletes. The next morning, she saw that Pravda had been distributed to every room in the Olympic dorms. She opened to the front page, and read the headlines: Greedy American Capitalists Risk Olympian’s Life and Health. Under the headlines was a photo of the two pimples hugely magnified. It was captioned: Disregarding systemic septic poisoning, observable by multiple skin eruptions, Americans forced their top athlete to compete in four events yesterday.  Clearly in danger of physical collapse, she spoke to us of her plight, but our interview was interrupted and she was hustled away by the Americans. She has not been seen since.

The point of the story is that Marxist propagandists focus on a small microcosm that fits their narrative magnifying it until the true nature of things is lost beneath their colossus lie.  They dwell on pimples and extrapolate them to outlandish extremes. Whether these propagandists are Pravda or AP, they will always present a distortion of the truth. When added to the pervasive negativity toward our society which is spouted by many university Marxists, one has difficulty ever discerning the truth. Indeed, it probably is impossible for those who were never given the tools of logical thinking in the course of their education. Only a few have the training or the persistence to break things down into discernable facts.  Still, many students instinctively know in their gut that the Marxists are false.

This is further complicated by modern video. Most of what we see on TV, whether fictional or true,  is damaging to our emotions and mental state. Our mind absorbs what we see as if it were  real, even when our mind screams that it is only frictional. This is because seeing is a much stronger reality than reading, or calculating, and what we see is embedded much deeper and indelibly into our brain than what we read or hear.

Hence, I believe that it is not accidental that the Marxist news media in this country broadcasts over and over certain negative events regarding the police, and they NEVER ever play the offsetting, more common and more positive events involving the police. This is because the Marxists at AP, CNN, MSNBC, etc, all know that the removal or reduction of the police force will allow their counterparts, the fascist BLM and Antifa mobsters, to throw the country into chaos much more rapidly, and while this chaos may cost many of their followers lives, it is worth it to them because it gives them the small chance of winning control of our society. That is their mentality, and that is who you are dealing with.    

 Black Life Marxists:

These people think that problems will be solved by breaking windows and chanting in the streets. Yeah, they want to parade around and scream and shout that destroying the US is the only solution to the problem of systemic racism.  It’s like a psycho kid wanting to kill his parents so that he can eat candy for breakfast every morning and watch TV all day. He thinks with his parents gone he will get rid of all the bad things and keep all of the good things.

I won’t say that systemic racism doesn’t exist. We see it every day, African-Americans pass us on the streets and instead of saying “Hi” back to us, they give us stares of anger and hate that say “I want to kill you,” when a month ago they would have smiled and said “Hi” back. Yes, racism is very much a two-way street and may be more intense lately, but still it is small in the greater population. Most people just want to get along because it is easier and more productive for their life goals.

Study after study has shown that racial bias in the police department doesn’t exist. But our experience, viewed as if from our front room window, is of a policeman choking George Floyd to death. A gruesome event that may have been motivated by anger from a previous encounter, but we saw it from our front room window, so it is impressed on our brains as the only reality, which was further inflamed by news media rhetoric. And why did the news media impress this so firmly into our brains, because their Marxist leaders want to push the idea of “defund the police”.  Any rational person would immediately think, that if we want better policing then we need to increase the police funding so that we can hire better people, train those people better, and find and remove the unfit people. That takes more money, not less. But do you expect Pravda USA to present the greater truth or to magnify the pimples? Of course, we hear the oh so sophisticated Prozac voices at NPR interview proponents of the defund movement as if that idea makes any sense, when any rational person knows it makes no sense.

Why? Because NPR is a propaganda machine for Marxists. But there they go again, wanting to kill their parents to eat candy all day, and of course the candy will magically appear in the cabinet every morning.

Although we know that Floyd and Chauvin worked at the same night club, we hear very little about the previous interaction between them. The Marxist news media doesn’t seem interested in investigating that, or if they have, then they don’t care to broadcast what they have found.


Because they don’t want us to doubt their narrative of systemic racism, because that narrative is a useful tool in the destruction of our society. We don’t hear them interview the scientists whose studies say that there is no racial bias in police departments. We don’t see any broadcasts that show policemen doing good in the black communities, even when statistically their good overwhelms the negative.

If the Marxist news media wanted us to experience the truth then they would show the police in a more balanced, closer to real life fashion. But they continue to let us only experience the bad through their video broadcasts, and in watching these broadcasts it is as if we looked out our front window and see it, and absorb it into our minds where it becomes the greater reality regardless how much research shows otherwise.

The media is controlling our access to truth in such a way as to make their ideas seem reasonable to us. The media, namely the evening news, is a Marxist propaganda machine. It is clear from the way they select what we experience. They make sure that the two pimples are oozing in our dreams as we fall asleep at night.

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