Defund Your University!

Mostly white minions of Marxist charletans demanding that something which statistically doesn’t exist be ended.

“It seems that, where a mass movement can either persuade or coerce, it usually chooses the latter.” Eric Hoffer

Why should we demand that the universities be defunded? Just like the Marxists, when I say defund the universities, I really mean restructure them to where they provide a better service to the communities which they serve. It’s just like when the Marxists lie about defunding the police departments.   

Well when we look at the people in the streets who are doing the damage to social institutions, buildings, threatening people, attacking law enforcement, etc., we see young college age people, and mostly white. We might say they sure appear to be white privileged kids of all races.

Now they do it in the streets, but for years they have been doing it on campuses.  Speakers who were to present points of view that differ from the campus indoctrination were  harassed and prevented from speaking, or simply told by the administration not to come onto the campus. Clearly universities have diverted from education and the exchange of ideas and have become indoctrination centers. Hence they serve little social value, beyond the education of those in the colleges of sciences, engineering, medicine, and business.  So all schools other than those based on Natural Philosophy should be defunded.

Look at the designated leaders of BLM:

Alicia Garza: Graduate of University of California at San Diego, with a BA (which  means a degree that does not require intensive math and science classes).

Patrisse Cullors, Graduate of UCLA. You know how hard it is to get into UCLA? Most white kids don’t have any chance of getting into UCLA.

Opal Tometi, Graduate of University of Arizona and Arizona State University with BA and MA. 

And I’m sure the list goes on. More bothersome than their lack of knowledge and rational thinking is the fact that they are able to fill the streets with white privileged minions who can’t get their own lives together, but are convinced they can manage our governance, our economy, our political system, our justice system, etc. better than we can or any of our ancestors could.

Call it egotism, or naivete. In any case, it is dangerous and destructive.

But where did it come from?

By elevating dogma above reason, the individual’s intelligence is prevented from becoming self-reliant. Eric Hoffer

Most of us have watched You Tube videos where a conservative is interrupted by “boos” or hisses or angry shouts. When the camera crew track to the back of the room, we see a bunch of mainly white colleges kids, and amidst them there is an old gray haired schoolmarm, their Marxist professor, who orchestrates them, probes them to stand and speak, whispers the right words to them to speak. In other words, she treats them like kindergartners, and they respond like kindergartners.

She, and her colleagues have created this generation or two of mentally depend, poorly informed, irrational, mentally inadequate and untrained, self loathing mostly white adolescent children in  adult physical bodies, whose self-worth is dependent on receiving praise from their brainwashers, these professors. This type of indoctrination and child abuse has been going on at our favorite universities and colleges, ones which we graduated, for more than a decade.

Mothers who never potty trained their kids demanding that they be allowed to destroy public property. They aren’t very bright. They still haven’t figured out that when you throw things at people and destroy property, then you get tear gassed. Maybe in another couple of months.

Indeed, there has been derelict of duty by the department heads, school boards and officials. They have yielded slowly to the demands of radical student groups, hidden behind which are these professors and instructors. By mobilizing students on campus these abusers have wrestled control of the universities from the school boards, and by mobilizing these students on the streets they are wrestling control of the cities from the citizens and governing bodies.

Defunding the universities does not guarantee that these children would behave differently, but at least we would know that the schools will begin to inculcate them with an exposure to critical thinking, history, the evolution of governance, culture, and other important aspects of our society.

It’s time for this change. We’re graduates and we’ve been around long enough to be making pretty good money. We have leverage over these university boards and administrators. Even if you haven’t been giving to your school regularly, they have to think about the possibility of an endowment from you at some point in the future. You can mention that in your letter which demands that they be defunded.

What I am asking you to do is to hold your universities and colleges accountable. I hope that you will be willing and able to carry this fight to your university board of regents and the school president. Demand that they prepare their graduates to be well informed, fair minded, rational, and thoughtful of all citizens’ rights and needs. Please send a copy of the letter to your alumni associate, your fellow graduates, maybe even the local paper if you live near the school. You can send both email and a physical letter. Also, if you haven’t graduated college then sent copies of the letter to local state supported schools. After all you are a taxpayer.

My draft of the letter is imperfect, but it is below. You are welcome to use it as is, or to modify it so that it better matches your thinking. If you have any changes that you believe are paramount to the success of this letter writing campaign, then please explain these changes in the comments section on this page. I certainly would appreciate improvements to the letter, because I would really like thousands and thousands of these letters go out. It could be a game changer over the long haul.

Lastly, I’m sorry that I can’t provide the addresses for all university presidents and boards, but these are probably available at the school web sites, or through a simple Google inquiry.

Oh, and by the way, let’s defund BLM by suing them for all of the property damage and injury they have incited.

Thanks, the letter follows:

[University Name, Address etc.]

Dear President and Board of Regents:

I watch the lack of civility and reason by mobs in the streets of our major cities. The nexus of this madness and irrational behavior seems to be young people who have graduated our high schools, and more often than not, our colleges and universities. They are bent on the destruction of the culture that has given them affluence that their ancestors only dreamed of. They show no understanding or respect for those generations which came before them and whose sacrifices put them in this condition of immense prosperity and wellbeing. This goes for all races and classes of people, for certainly a rising tide raises all ships. Perhaps, despite their higher education, they were never given a firm understanding of our collective history, culture, and ideals.

Our society, as with most of the world’s societies, is built on Western European culture and ideas, and this structure continues to advance humanity through rational thought and invention making it possible to feed, house, cloth, and in every aspect raise the quality of life for all people across the globe. Nothing compares. I am not dismissing the fact that certain groups have lagged others, and that this condition needs additional effort. But burning businesses, intimidating citizens, and ravaging sectors of our major cities does not help the cause of the less fortunate. It injures their cause.

So where did our youth learn a world view that floats in a vacuum and is without context to the historical record? Sadly, our school systems, colleges, and universities, all which are there to build a comprehensive knowledge of the world, its arts, science, and history and the principles of rational thought, have failed in that duty.

Thus, our current teaching makes sure every grade schooler will know that in 1619, English pirates captured a Spanish slave ship and diverted it northward, but none will know that in 1618 an ill-advised war broke out and lasted 30 years, devastating the heartland of Europe and leaving every fourth person dead. They’ll never know that for a millennium, white families, ancestors to many of these youths, were bond to the land and were sold and traded as part of the land; nor will they know that the Ottoman Empire raged over Eastern Europe and along the Mediterranean Coast taking whole villages of people to be sold in the slave markets of North Africa. They’ll never know that slavery wasn’t an American thing; but rather it was a world thing, which European and American society slowly brought to an end. They’ll never realize that if Columbus never came to American, then someone else would have, whether from the Atlantic or the Pacific, and the same devastating diseases would have been launched into the native American population. Worst of all, they react to their misunderstanding of the world in ways that are not helpful to moving forward for the benefit of all.

This is because you have failed them.

This is because you have failed in your duty to build the foundation for a rational and informed society.

Hence, I must sadly demand that XXXXXX University be defunded. Don’t panic. As the disingenuous Marxist have said about the police force, I don’t mean that the institution should no longer exist. Rather I mean that certain schools be defunded, i.e. those which generate irrational graduates who have no hope of gainful employment. I mean that departments, which fail to teach a balanced understanding of our history and our society, be reorganized so that they do. I mean that those professors who preach Marxism, despite the horrendous failings of Marxist states, be removed from the classrooms.

The funding saved through these actions should be redirected toward teaching logical thought, historical perspective, and social responsibility, and programs that promise their graduates rewarding futures. After all, it is a lie that a university education is necessary to work as a barista.

So please stop producing so many baristas, and start producing knowledgeable citizens who can be rational leaders in the twenty-first century.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you will consider the necessity of adjusting the educational experience for future students.


Graduate School and Class.

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