Defund Public Education!


An effective mass movement cultivates the idea of sin. It depicts the autonomous self as barren and helpless and also as vile… The fully assimilated individual does not see himself and others as human beings.” Eric Hoffer

Recently we have heard a lot about “systemic racism” by police. I realize that racism is the worst crime humanly imaginable. It’s worse than child rape. It’s worst than murder, even mass murder. It’s worse than genocide. Oh, but it is genocide! Cops have been killing those nonwhite people by the truck loads. We all know this because, as unthinking children, we watched 25,000 black people killed right there outside our living room window, and all of them were named George Floyd. Yeah, if you see it 25,000 times, your inner, non-thinking child, believes it happened 25,000 times-right there in each of our local communities because we saw it through our living room window, sometimes called a TV.

All of these mentally untrained white privileged children are out in the streets tearing things up and demanding that cops be defunded. No wonder. They’ve all been traumatized by ABC (not the Congress woman), CBS, and NBC, CNN, and so forth. And indeed, those networks traumatized them with the purpose of inciting civil unrest, because all of those networks are propaganda tools for the progressive Marxists.

LA teachers getting paid, not in class, having a fun day waving childish handmade signs. Defund them so they can do this perpetually.

It’s estimated that there are 800,000 policemen in the USA. 360 law officers have been killed in the line of duty this year and the year is only half over. Last year, according to the Marxist outlet, USAToday, 13 unarmed black people were killed by cops. There have also been at least that many white people killed. While these are apples and oranges comparisons, they do provide some scale for us. If we double the unjust black deaths, then we get 3 unjust deaths (white and black) per 100,000 cops. Some of these are malicious, but many are just horrid accidents that destroyed everyone involved even the cop and his family.

We know that no amount of child molestation can be balanced against the death of one person of color. Yet, if we can justify in our minds that unjust deaths by a few cops necessitates defunding all cops regardless of the mountains of good that most of them do, then sexual abuse by many teachers should justify defunding of all teachers. Right?

What? Sexual abuse by MANY teachers?

It sure sounds like it. One article states that 38% of ALL students have experienced at least one sexually inappropriate event with either a teacher or a school staff member. There are roughly 50 million school age children in the US. At 38%, that amounts to 19 million students who have had these traumatic experiences. There are about 3.7 Million teachers in the US. If 3 unjust deaths per 100,000 cops is grounds to defund all of the cops, then shouldn’t 5 inappropriate sexual encounters per each teacher(!!!) be sufficient grounds to defund the entire public educational system?? And right now would be a good time to do it, because most aren’t in the classrooms anyway.

You might brush that off, saying that most of those kids were white since the US is 70% white, and white kids (that may be you) don’t matter. But 2.5 million of those kids were black. Viewed through that prism, your crusading self has to demand the defunding of schools. I mean five students per teacher being groomed sexually? That’s almost as bad as one cracker using the N word one time, right? Anyway, it’s bad enough that it should be easy to orchestrate nationwide marches of thousands of screeching mindless minions, right?

Okay sit back and take a deep breath. A person can only go on so many holy crusades before they wear themselves out. Let’s get real. Who came up with 38% of the kids have had at least one sexually inappropriate encounter with a teacher? And what is being defined as sexually inappropriate? You’ve got to remember that the people who defined that are the same ones who define teaching Western Civilization, math, and science as racial supremacy. And it might be. Surprise, surprise, you live in a society built on Western European principles and they work darn well. I don’t think we want to start judging someone’s guilty based on the entrails of a chicken, if you get my drift.

Notice the Marxist style poster on the wall. Hispanics understand capitalism and the need for a good education. You think these few represent the majority?

I’m just guessing, but I bet they are using a broad brush to define sexually inappropriate behavior. I’m sure they want you to believe they mean sexual grooming, but when you take a close look at their data, I’m betting they include things like: Calling a guy “he” when he wants to be “she”, patting a kid on the head and saying good job when they excel, winking at someone when they say something funny, looking at a female student when she doesn’t want to be looked at, etc. In any case, when the numbers are that high, we know they’re falsely inflated. We’ve all been to school. We know what goes on there, and the majority of us navigated it without suffering deadly harm-maybe.

I say maybe because if you graduated since about 2000, then you have been groomed. This grooming wasn’t 5 students per one teacher, but more like 5 teachers to one student. Meaning that in your K-12 career you probably had at least 5 teachers who inculked you with an anti-European bias and made you shameful of your white heritage, as if it were a sin. If that wasn’t enough, they also failed to teach you to think rationally. Therefore, most of the time you respond with anger and frustration in childish tirades rather than in with thoughtful measured responses. That’s part of the grooming, molding you into an irrational person. They may even have taught you that thoughtful measured responses are racist, because rational thought is an instrument of European civilization.

In short you have been groomed to hate yourself, to hate your family, to hate your heritage, and to believe that the happenstance of your white skin is evil and sinful. They have abused away your sense of self-worth. I.e. they have groomed you to believe that your only redemption is to be a minion in a Marxist world equality cause, a misguidance since Marxism has never moved the people of the world toward a better place, but capitalism has. They have taught you the many failings of the European domination of the world, and failed to teach you the overwhelming benefits that Europeans have brought to the world. But as I said, they groomed you to be a thoughtless highly emotional minion of Marxism.

You should be angry about that.

The next time they order you into the streets for a “good” cause, say no. Ignore that feeling that you have to. It comes from the brainwashing they’ve given you. Just step away from it. Sit it out. Allow yourself a “vacation” from false redemption. Observe. Think. And see how good it feels to not beg for fanatics’ blessings by engaging in their weird, mindless rituals and manipulations.

After all, they’re the ones who said that you aren’t good enough because of your skin color.

Defund the Public School System Revisited:

As I mentioned, many schools are closed, and many kids are either struggling on line, or doing nothing. This is tragic to most parents, many who have jobs or need to work to keep afloat until the “red alert” is over. But it is also a time to reconsider. Some have ingeniously come up with the idea of joining with other parents and hiring tutors to help their children achieve their full potential during these times. And demonstrating just how crazy our country has become, other people have admonished them for trying to get their children ahead of the other, less fortunate children, or the kids of progressives like themselves. This admonishment is the antithesis of what America has always been about, and it is a purely Marxist view point that has recently been emboldened by progressives. We are not a collective in America, despite FDR’s best efforts. We can spend our money on cars and houses, or on dope and fancy tattoos, or on tutors for our children, if we wish.

Defund these and refund the money to parents, who I bet can find some really good tutors.

There’s never been a guarantee of equal education, certainly not of equal outcome. There have only been standardized goals, at best, and the achievement of those goals varies with the group of students and the ability of the teacher. None of which are ever equal; nature isn’t that way. Some kids get accepted at ivy league schools, and many don’t. Most parents can’t afford to send their kids to ivy league schools, but many progressives who howl for equality did attend those schools.

The Asians among us probably think they have sudden dropped into an alternative reality, or possibly they have nightmarishly returned to the communist regimes which they ran from. They have been hiring tutors to help their children excel even when school was in session. For many Asian kids the school day didn’t end until they had been tutored for several hours after school let out, and often on Saturdays, too.

Maybe you should have followed the Asian example long ago.

They are now the highest income racial group in America. They have surpassed all other racial groups despite the fact that the mass of them came here within the last 40 years or so. Their MO for doing this has been hard work, discipline, frugality, and MEANINGFUL education. The children are taught those values early on.

It’s not that much of a reach for you to follow their model, particularly if your kid has higher than average IQ. Maybe regardless of her IQ, because Common Core, or should we say Communist Core, the new grade school standard, is an attempt to assure equal outcomes regardless of ability. They try to keep the brilliant kids, or even the less brilliant kids interested by assigning them a dunce whom they are to tutor. This idea assures that the brilliant are handicapped, that the smart are handicapped, that the average are handicapped, that the dumb are handicapped, so that no one exceeds the dumbest. Now the dumbest kid has control of the classroom, and even the dumbest kid can figure that out. Certainly the plain dumb ones or the psychos will catch on, and toy with the teacher to drag the whole class down. What power to give an idiot or a nut. Heck, I saw that in graduate school, where a bunch of social studies grads complained daily that they didn’t get it, in a low level statistics class that they were required to take.  The teacher could not teach anything because of it.

The grade schools abdicated their duty to educate smart kids decades ago. Grade school science classes were purposely “balanced” to have all levels of intellect in one classroom. The teacher was in the position of awarding some test points if the student simply put his name on the paper in the correct spot and spelled it correctly. And we wonder why kids from India, China, Russia, and Europe all have better science and math skills then kids taught in the US. And we wonder why kids from these places get into our science and engineering colleges and few US kids can make the grade.

Defund the elementary schools sounds fairly reasonable now. Maybe cut the math and science classes, and make the school day two hours shorter. Let the parents pool money and hire their own math and science teachers, then rent the public school classrooms to use in the after hours. Or go in mass to the school board meeting and demand that your local school group children by ability and let the best achieve their potential, and even let the average achieve their potential, leaving only the dumbest behind rather than elevating them to classroom Führers.

Next time, when the school system, teacher, or a communist neighbor balks at the idea of you pooling with others, or simply going it on your own, to hire a tutor for your kids during these lockdown times, just say, “A brilliant mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

Also note who objected the most. 

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