Kim Klacik for Baltimore’s 7th District- Next Stop: President

The definition of insanity is voting for the same party over and over and expecting different results.


Kamala Harris Kim Klacik
Pedantic, Strident Inspired, Inspiring
Dim, Dull, Slow Bright, Sharp, Quick
Pedestrian Ingenious
Angry Hopeful
Vindictive, Mean Spirited Uplifting
Puritanical Leftist, Ideologically Limited Common Sense Creator
Prosecutor Unifier
Mundane Special
Department of Motor Vehicles Clerk Warrior Queen

Today, I’m going with my gut rather than digging up and weighing facts. However, sometimes even I believe you can be right about something without all the facts. Call it going with your gut, or intuition, but sometimes you know something is right the first instant you hear or see it. 

I know that about Kim Klacik.

A couple of days ago somewhere I saw photos, side by side, of Kim Klacik and Michelle Obama. With it was the story that Kim had gotten more response to her ad then Michelle got for her DNC diatribe against “Mean Mister Trump.” I immediately found Kim Klacik’s ad (link) and watched it.

And then I donated to the Kim Klacik campaign (link).

Kim Klacik’s ad is electrifying!

She knocks it out of the park. She is a bright and shining star. She is the first person to get me excited about the possibilities in this upcoming election. She is a person of color. By that I mean the person you see in the picture on the right: colorful, alive, hopeful, inspiring. By comparison the shadow person on the left is: drab, dull, divisive.

The big word here is hopeful. The big word here is inspiring. The big word here is uplifting.

The biggest word here is unifier.

Kim Klacik has the energy and heart to unite the American people

Well there are so many big words here, and many I have not thought of, but I did think, wow, she is someone we all can get behind no matter what our race nor where we live. If she can carry through the way her ad promises, then she could be running for president in about 8 years, and win hugely.

That brings me to why I am comparing Kim Klacik to Kamala Harris. It appears that if Biden gets elected, then Kamala will backdoor her way into the presidency sometime during the next four years. It is more likely to happen sooner than later. Biden may never even be sworn in. Even in his better than expected acceptance speech, he slurred some words. I’m surprised that no one in the media has said anything about this. In any case, if Biden is elected and can’t carry out his duties, Kamala will slither through the backdoor to become the first woman president.

I cringe. It would be so much better for all of us to overwhelmingly elect Kim Klacik to the presidency in 8 years, rather than have Kamala forced upon us now by the backroom manipulators of the Democratic Party. Kamala wasn’t even liked sufficiently to make a run at the presidency during the Democratic Party nomination process. Why? Because we all know in our gut that she is just as I have portrayed her above: tyrannical, bland, vindictive, slow witted, strident…

And just days after I wrote that Kamala, who I prefer to call Pamala because she is so inane, made this interview (Link). It shows that the table that I made for her (above) is perfect. I guess like some kind of a psycho, she just had to show you her true self. If this video of her does not bother you on a gut level, then maybe you should report to a psychiatrist, yourself. If you don’t understand, then let me explain it: She is supporting mob violence and destruction in our major cities until, and maybe even after, these mobs get what they want. And what they want is to force you to submit to their rule, which may include such things as: your imprisonment, your death, your lose of property, your lose of employment, your lose of civil liberties. They are Nazis calling the people who oppose them Nazis. What better ploy is there accuse your opposition as being evil while you engage in evil to undercut all who oppose you? 

So please vote for Trump, so that Kim, can someday become the first woman president. If you live in Baltimore, please vote Kim Klacik into the House of Representative, so that she will someday be able to run for president. The whole nation will love you if you elect her. We all want her to stand up for everyone in Baltimore, and everyone in the USA.

Did I mention that Kim is running for Elijah Cummings vacant seat in the 7th District to represent Baltimore in the US House of Representatives?

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