What Happens When the Police Are Defunded Is Already Happening

“Have we reached the ultimate stage of absurdity where some people are held responsible for things that happened before they were born, while other people are not held responsible for what they themselves are doing today?” – Thomas Sowell

Before you read my blog, watch this video. The best description of what the Marxists are doing now and how you will become a victim.

What do they mean by “defund the police?” We think they mean to get rid of the police department. Unfortunately, we are learning that it isn’t necessary to defund the police; you can get the same result by politically hamstringing them. This has already happened in Minneapolis, Chicago, Washington DC, Portland, Seattle, and other cities run by Marxist mayors.

What do they mean by “defund the police?” Look at what is happening on the streets of these cities and you’ll see what life will be like for everyone, once they get the police defunded. What they mean by “defund the Police” is that they intend to take over the police function. Where the legal police have no power, ANTIFA patrols the streets and enforces the law, much as the Nazi Brown Shirts did in pre World War Two Germany.

But that does not mean they will protect your property, your rights, or your life. The law they will enforce is allegiance to their psychotic cause. Fail to roll over on your back and yield to their demands and you will be beaten. Fail to join them and you will be hung from a lamp post. Once the police are sufficiently weakened, your life will be that of an abused dog: Submit or die.

To prove my point, I’ve linked videos of incidents below. Of course, there are those who will look at these and say that it won’t become widespread. They are stupid, inexperienced, gullible, and fools. It is already becoming widespread. 

What will it take to stop them from attacking everyone who is not with them, for they attack others regardless of age or income or race? They attack the aged when the aged  defend their life’s work,  they attack blacks when blacks don’t go with them, and they attack the poor who will not join them. They are not for the blacks, nor the poor, nor the disadvantaged. They are for power even if it causes irreparable destruction to million of lives, as it has in every country where Marxism has gotten the upper hand.

Just like the Nazis and the Bolsheviks’ before them, they will not stop until you grovel before them or are dead. Observe these video clips. There are many more, but these should suffice.

View these clips then get everyone you know to vote Republican for each and every position that you can vote for. This is particularly important in regard to your city, county, and school board positions. Look up who is running for each position and read their priorities. Find out who speaks with forked tongue or will not stand up for the police. Vote only for those who speak out for the police. If you find a particularly bad candidate, then help the person running against them. Find neighbors who are like minded and make sure they vote. When you vote, carry your mail in vote to your local post office, don’t give it to your postal carrier unless you know them well and trust them. If there aren’t enough local candidates that support the police, then run yourself on the platform that you do support the police. At the same time, make a plan, because regardless of who wins, you will need to be able to defend yourself and your community. Remember Kamala Harris has promised you continued “peaceful” beatings, burning, and destruction of property even after the election is over, and regardless of who wins. 

Chairman Kamala promises continuous revolution until all anti-revolutionaries submit.  The problem with all of her compassion and justification going back to Rodney King, is that the free wheeling by the police is extremely limited and is always scrutinized and adjudicated, while the damage to innocent citizens by her lovely movement is vast, ruthless, never adjudicated.

“The Social-Democrat will never make a Nazi, but the Communist always will.” Adolf Hitler

Here is what the Nazi inspired are doing around this country now:

Assaulting people for defending their property.  Life nor property are respected. 

Elderly man jaw broken with concrete while trying to stop arsonists

Marxists Nazis attack people for defending their property.

Assaulting people for being white. This kind racism was supposed to be a thing of the past, but without police, the monsters run free. 

Bricks used to attack innocent bystander.

Racist black youths attack an innocent white man who was just walking down the street


Peaceful Marxists is an oxymoron

Marxist-Nazis set fire to public and private property destroying lives, livelihoods, and bankrupting local governments and forcing them to discontinue community services. 

Uneducated and gullible children who have been duped by Antifa and BLM into believing that they are social justice warriors when they engage in Nazi like intimidation and bullying other people who have never done anything against them or anyone they know: 

Rand Paul attacked in Washington by a mob angrily chanting about no knock police entries, something Paul authored a bill against. Again, Critical Theory and Marxism is all about primal emotions and disregard logic.

Rand Paul attacked by Marxist on streets of the Capitol

Antifa street violence and targeting of specific people for violence.

Marist have neither respect not compassion.

Antifa harass and humiliate an elderly lady who stands up to them

Intimidating a residential neighborhood under the pretense of demonstrating for justice

Demanding that a diner at a restaurant to swear alligance to their movement. She defies them. This time she lived. Once police are totally defunded, ask again. 

Set fire to millions of dollars of public and private property that citizens, in a time of unemployment, will still have to pay taxes to replace or rebuild.

There are three ways to stop a mass movement:

Remove their leaders. 

Crush their soldiers until none will show their face.

Convert them to another fanatical cause. Hitler said that he could convert a Marxist to a Nazi in four weeks, but he could never convert a rational Socialist Democrat. The problem with creating a counter mass movement is that it will eventually turn on you. Converted fanatics are still fanatics.

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