Work Horse or Trojan Horse?

Note: In only a few months, the Trump Administration has moved from the antiquated Obama era virus testing system to a warp speed mass testing system that gives the results in 15 minutes. 150 million of these tests are being distributed across the USA. That’s enough to test almost one half of our population! The initial testing seems devised to put kids back in school, but how about putting people back to work and getting people flying again?  Short of the vaccine this may be the best first step to getting people free and on the go again. 

Thank You, President Trump and Staff  [Click here to read the story]


Does anyone believe that Joe Biden will survive even one year? How is it that Kamala Harris, who was soundly rejected by the membership of the Democratic Party, is now positioned to be President of the United States in one and not more than two years? Who is pulling the puppet strings? And who is willing to put their entire future and their family’s entire future in the hands of this vindictive, strident, fanatic woman? Only fools could be so blind.

Do you actually believe that this Democrat pair could actually have handled the COVID pandemic better? They may have covered in up better. The media may have played it down better. They may have been less capable at revamping the testing system and hence discovering the true extent of the infections. They may have been better at suppressing human endeavor through severe lock downs and tyrannical governance, but they would not have been better at getting a vaccine to the public.

Who do you trust your future prosperity to? The one who managed to cut through the Obama knot tied around American productivity, or the one who was complicit with creating the Obama knot? Or the Trojan Horse candidate, who encourages civil unrest and has zero understanding of business and economics?

Kamala Harris, the tyrannical Trojan Horse Candidate. Click on her picture to see the video of her promise of continued strife and destruction.


Is Kamala Harris a front for the Chinese Communist Party? Click on her picture to read the article.

Behind that smirk is- an empty head. Possibly John Roberts tried to void senility by having his brain removed prophylactically. Or maybe he is senile. Something must explain his inability to understand English sentences.

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