True Believer Babble Garbage Lawn Sign

You’ve all have seen these signs around your neighborhoods. If they seem a bit dizzy, that is normal since they are declarations of faith, in this case for the BLM brand of the Marxist religion. Such declarations are meant to be mystical, incomprehensible, and confusing. Since they are unscientific and irrational babble garbage, the True Believer can cling to them without fear that they will ever be proven wrong. That is an important aspect of a pseudo-religious political mass movement, such as communism or its twin brother, Nazism. If one were as science minded as they claim, then they would find these declarations to be nauseating. But let’s take them apart, line by line, below:

The True Believer irrational babble garbage yard sign.


The mixing of colors is meant to add to the mental confusion, and to allow the True Believer to be comfortable with the irrationality of it all.

We Believe: Sometimes stated as “In This House, We Believe,” just tells you right at the start these are declarations of faith, and you should not try to rationally understand them. As a True Believer you are to accept them and never question them. The Marxist leaders know that the willing acceptance of mindless babble will also condition you to accept all kinds of irrational totalitarian demands and impositions once their Marxist government takes over.

Black Lives Matter: Gives the True Believer a cause to die for, to kill for, to beat people up for, to impose on and harass other people for, to burn other people’s property for, to break the laws and to act like their crimes against others make them a sword of justice. Everyone already believed that all lives matter, and really most have no problem with the more limited and racially biased “Black Lives Matter.” At least most people didn’t have a problem until under that banner, mobs of fanatics, mentally ill, juveniles, and criminals began to burn property, beat, harass, and attack others, usually white but not always. When we saw that kind of activity coming from the mobs, we had to declare “All Lives Matter.” It was a counterstatement that means, hey if you want justice then you need to act justly. Attacking people because of the color of their skin, or just because they are conveniently nearby, or because of their jobs, is racist and a hate crime.

The rational review of criminal charges is a founding principle of our civil society. But that is not good enough for the Marxist who wants to create a discordant society. Even one unjust transaction within our nation of 320,000,000 people is too much for the True Believer. They will continue to attack, to kill, to burn, to destroy, i.e. continue their reign of terror and injustice until every perceived injustice is wiped out, which of course is impossible. In the imaginary world of the Marxist True Believer it is possible to wipe out injustice by fomenting injustice. If their behavior is in conflict with their alleged goals it matters not, because they have faith. Also, this kind of irrational fanaticism is useful to their handlers since the minions can be encouraged to continue to kill and destroy until the entire society is enslaved under Marxist totalitarianism.

That No Human Is Illegal: I told you it is an article of faith and that you should not try to make sense of it. One might think that they believe that some people think some babies are born illegally. You might ask why then are they so giddy to abort? But, of course, this nonsensically stated article of faith has nothing to do with babies. Rather it asserts that the True Believer’s battle will never end until a world Marxist state is established and there are no national borders, hence there will be no states for someone to enter illegally. One must find it ironic that Marxist states are the most stanch in defending their borders against any egression or ingression, and don’t allow their subjects to wander far from home even within their own state. This is no problem for the True Believer, because she does not live in the real world of now, but rather in some dream world which can never be.

Love is Love: Of course, it does not make sense; it’s not supposed to. It supposed to sounds profound. It’s supposed to be uplifting to the True Believer and somehow alleviate any guilt they feel associated with the violence and hatred they spread. The True Believer is free to burn and beat and harass and kill, because love is love. It’s kind of like the medieval priest burning the witch to save her soul. He really loves her.

Some of the sign makers had the sense to remove some of these mindless statements and to replace them with Kindness is Everything. I’m not sure we all can survive as New Age Mother Theresa’s, but at least the concept is heartwarming, in a childish way, if they actually practiced it. We must remember that these are tenants of a fantasy believe system and none of them ever intend to do anything other than fervently mouth the words. In fact, the very ones who plant the signs are quick to screech psychotically at anyone who opposes them, and to endorse throwing stones at the police. They giggled gleefully when Trump got COVID, and engage in a myriad of other not so kind things. The rest of us, those who live and work in the real world, realize that kindness is not everything, but it certainly would be a move in the right direction if the True Believers practiced it rather than just believed it.

Women’s Rights Are Human Rights: Another nonsensical statement, possibly ineloquently aimed at Islamic States where women’s rights are truly limited? However it is as logical as saying “Horses are animals.” The statement is only informative to a three year old. It really tells us nothing about whether women’s rights are limited or extensive. True Believer, you don’t have to wait for your dream utopia, in this country we have one set of laws that apply to everyone.

(We Believe) That Science is Real: This is absurd taken on face value. It’s like saying “We believe that water is real.” But one should remember it is an article of faith, more like saying, “We believe that UFO’s and Bigfoot are real.” In other words, it addresses something believed on faith. Ironically, it is not understood based on fact and knowledge. The True Believer has faith in science but will not attempt to understand it. Something is science because their high priests have declared it to be real.

Water is Life: Good God, who wrote this tripe? Are they referring to the water needed to put out the fires they start during their religious pogroms against their fellow citizens? Maybe the Marxist have developed their own baptismal ritual which assures the True Believer has everlasting life despite the hate which they rain down on innocent citizens. You can’t expect me to make sense out of all of these mindless statements they’ve written. Oh, and by the way, scientifically, sterile pure water has no life.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere: I already addressed this in under Black Lives Matter. It means that the True Believer must keep burning, killing, harassing, destroying, etc. until there is no more injustice in the world, a goal that is impossible to achieve, particularly since the Marxist will always be able to label any difference between people as an injustice. If someone has better clothes then someone else, then it is an injustice. Even more revealing: If someone has different clothes than someone else, it will be declared an injustice. Hence, they will never stop finding heretics to attack. Impossible goals are the engines of mass movements.

You almost feel sorry for people who put these goofy signs on their lawns. Every line is either nonsensical and meaningless, or it is racist, or fantastical. As we have said over and over, they are articles of faith and are not practical actions which, if taken, would make the world a better place. Therefore, I thought that I should create a lawn sign. I start with the line: Truths We Live By. These are things that Americans do or can start to do right now to improve their lives and their community. They are not obscure articles of faith. They are not marijuana pipe dream fantasies where nonsense leads to utopia, but real world activities, where effort usually leads to better, where construction leads to improvement.

There is no copyright on my sign. You can use. You can change it. You can print a million copies, if you want. My sign doesn’t point out the seven most important things about our society or that Americans believe in. Instead, it intends to rebut the fanciful Marxist articles of faith, line by line with actionable items that most Americans agree with and engage in daily, right now, in the real world.

Every Life Matters: In our country every death is investigated, whether a murder, a car accident, or a death in a nursing home bed. Each death is examined as to cause, and if the cause is suspect then a police investigation will be opened. If a police investigation is thought to be a coverup then it in turn will be investigated. Investigations take time because in a civil society such as ours, facts must be gathered and examined rationally and fairly. We do not jump, as barbarians would, to mob burnings, beatings, shootings, and lynchings. This is why evidence is presented in a controlled and orderly environment and then ruled on by a judge, who is required to be fair and impartial, or by a jury of peers who are sworn to do the same.

Truths that are the foundation to a better society

While our efforts are not perfect, we continually attempt to improve. Certainly that comes closer to the goal than destructive, combative behaviors.

Our Nation Is Real: We live in a nation. There is a compact between the citizens and the government whereby the citizens yield power to the government and pay taxes to the government in return for a governance that benefits the citizens. One of those benefits is the protection of our borders from invasion, military or economic, which diminishes the welfare of the citizens. As a nation, we have the right to pick new citizens who are equipped to benefit our nation and we can reject others who clearly will be a burden on our nation and our citizens. Every nation on the face of the earth does this, and most are much more demanding of potential citizens than we are.

The world is a small place. The environmentalists tell us this all the time. As such, mobs of people cannot run from their nation to another nation in hopes to improve their lives. It will only further the decline in both places. When it is in our national interest, we can provide aid to other nations to help them stabilize their economy and raise the well being of their citizens. This is a better long term solution than trying to deal with disruption caused by mass migration. Today is not yesterday. What worked with less than one billion people on the earth, may be a bad idea with seven billion people on the earth.

Love Comes to the Loving: “Love is Love” is just an excuse for behaving badly and destructively and then saying mystically, love is love. A loving person does not humiliate, harass, attack and injury other people, particularly random people who just happen to be in the path of your “love” inspired mob. Real loving people think about their actions and how they impact others, even those whom they may not know. Loving people do not stir up mobs, nor do they participate with destructive mobs while dreaming that in some fantasy utopia their destruction is a manifestation of love. Everyone knows which of their neighbors is truly a loving person, and they are generally honored as such.

The Bill of Rights Belongs to Us All: Since the True Believer yard sign doesn’t give much information, I thought it would be nice to give some real information. In the United States, for the most part, all laws apply to all people. I say mostly because progressive legislators have a propensity to pile on laws specific to certain groups, such things as hate crime laws, which make the penalty greater when special people are assaulted. These laws are very similar to laws in Nazi Germany where the penalty was more severe for attacking a party member than for attacking a Jew. Such differentiation of law based who does the crime and who it is done against is a philosophical mistake. All laws should apply to all people equally. Hopefully someday our judges and legislators will figure this out.

Study and Understand Science: I singled out science because the True Believer lawn sign includes a religious recital to science, as if it were the Grand Wizard of their dream world. In the real world, we are all exposed to science in school, at the doctor’s office, in most crafts and skill jobs. Many, many of us have jobs where our knowledge of science is a requisite to employment. We went to school and burned the midnight oil studying and learning scientific concepts. But “science” in my sign is just a place holder for any body of knowledge. For most Americans learning is a lifelong activity, whether they are learning science, or law, or mechanics, or electronics, those of us who want to improve our employment opportunities are always learning. But we don’t pray to knowledge; we study  it.

Civility Nurtures Life I thought that I would replace the True Believers quest to find divine guidance in a cup of water with something that True Believers seem to overlook in their quest to force us to march into their utopian future. Societies where people honor each others’ rights are civil and productive. There is no need for a dream utopia of the future, because, face it, the real world has edges which we can’t control. What we can control is how we interact with each other, day to day. And when we treat each other respectfully, everyday life is better.

Justice Begins by Honoring the Rights of Others: The True Believer Marxist must always find an injustice to muster its minions against. It keeps them occupied with the belief they must accomplish the impossible, wipe out all differences between human beings. The war to stamp out injustice is a never ending war, and it is designed to be so, because the marshals of Marxism know they can never deliver a better society than the one they have convinced their minions to destroy. In the real world, where people have to get along in order to meet the demands of life, we must deal with each other respectfully, honorably, and righteously. She who has achieved more than I have, I respect. She who has achieved less, I still respect.



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