If You Vote for Trump, Then You Ain’t Stupid


It’s amazing how many people vote stupidly. How many people will vote for someone because they look nice, or smile nice, or talk nice, or talk reassuringly. People who think like that should not vote. If you think that way, you should not vote. Basically, you are asking for Obama to come back because Trump makes you feel uncomfortable. This is not a beauty contest. This is not about who you want in your book club. This is not about who you want as a neighbor. This is about bringing the country back.

Biden talks about his stuttering handicap. Still, he speaks glibly and with robust authority, throwing in a “come on, man” when he is lost for an argument.  Glib people may be more reassuring than people who struggle with words, but they should not be. They are well practiced at convincing people. There is a basis for the old adage, “Actions speak louder than words.” 

Trump does not express himself well. This does not mean that he is not smart. The verbal center in the brain and the logic center are different places. The issue of good leadership vs the orator is as ancient as the story of Moses. Therein it is reported that when God called upon Moses to lead the people, Moses retorted, “But Lord, I am poor with words.”  

We must not be lulled to sleep by glibness, and we must continue to remember to judge a tree by its fruit. Vote for someone because of the ideas they put forth, and the actions they take. Particularly, it would be smart to vote for someone whose ideas, if enacted, would benefit you. Better yet, it would be wise to vote for someone whose previous actions have benefited you.

Biden has been in Congress for 50 years. Has he done anything for you yet?

Trump has been in office for four years. What has he done for you? I can name a bunch of things: Tax reform that helped everyone, improved economy to the best level in half a century, criminal justice reform which helped minorities much, Middle East Peace deal-something that hasn’t been done in 30 years, ended ISIS-something Obama thought was impossible,  improved border security, forced NATO allies to pay their share of defense costs, restrengthened of the armed forces. All of this and more while being in office four years and continuously being under attack, compared to nothing that Biden did in office for 50 years, and never facing a hostile press or social media.

Still what was done in the past is less relevant than what must be done over the next four years. There are three things that you must base your vote on:

The COVID pandemic- We hear a lot for the Democratic Party and their propagandists that Trump could have stopped the US from suffering from the pandemic. Despite of what they say, every major nation in the world was hit by the pandemic and everyone was hit about the same. Do you actually believe that through some miracle, the Democrats would have done better than Spain, United Kingdom, France, Italy, and so forth all across the major industrial nations?

[Note: The graph below show deaths per million population for the US and several major European countries as well as Brazil and India. The total deaths per million population of any country is equal to the area under that country’s curve (graphic line). This will be easier to see in the next graph. The US avoided the front end death peaks by hunkering down early and avoiding overrunning our hospitals (except for the New York area). You can find this graph at Our World in Data (link), where you can add in and subtract out any countries you want. Clink of the upper left button for “linear” to get out of the logarithmic graph. ]

The above graph shows deaths per day over time for European countries and the US. Most other places have not tracked deaths well enough to make a valid comparison. I have added India and Brazil anyway.  The total deaths per million population for any country is equal to the area under that country’s curve (graphic line).  The US avoided the front end spike in deaths by hunkering down early. Something Trump did although it was detrimental to the economy he had built .

Trump ramped up testing, causing several new test methods to be invented and brought into production in just a few months by asking the industries to gear up. Meanwhile the Democrats were shouting to nationalize the industries. Do you really think putting government bureaucrats in charge of those industries would have moved the production forward faster? Trump also ramped up the production of ventilators enough that we were able to export them to countries in need. He ramped up vaccine research and it appears that we will have a vaccine much earlier than previously thought possible. He did all of this by encouraging industry and then getting out of their way, and he did that because he is a business man and knows how industry works. Biden has no idea how industry work.

Deaths per million people US (red) vs UK (blue). Britain (blue) started with a large death spike then locked down while the US began to reopen. Despite being locked down, Britain has recently risen back to the same level as the US. The total deaths per million end up being about the same. In the end the US has fared similarly to other industrialized nations which used the shelter in place strategy.

The Democrats continue to talk about following the science while they fail to understand the science: The science shows that people under 55 are at low risk of dying from the virus. In 100,000 deaths from the virus less than 250 were below 24 years of age- that’s less than the flu kills. Science shows that more people in the lower age groups have died from the ill effects of being locked down than from the virus. Still Biden mouths the words of continuing the lock downs, school closures, slowing the vaccine until the scientists say it is safe (who does he think is creating the vaccine-gardeners?).

The fact is that Trump has done a super job on handling the virus. We are right in there with the other major industrial nations, and we are moving quickly to come out from under it. We should let him continue.

The economy jumped when Trump lowered taxes and removed overburdening regulations. This is clear in theory and in fact. There was no magic hocus pocus done by Obama which suddenly materialized in the Trumps administration. Indeed, Trump’s removal of the Democratic hocus pocus is what jump started the economy. The virus cratered the economy, but Trump is on the path of rebuilding as the threat of the virus fades. Indeed, it is apparent that the economic recovery has been stalled by blue state governors holding their citizens necks to the ground, while in red states the recovery is moving forward. Trump’s economy benefited everyone including generating the highest employment rate for minorities, EVER!!! Also lower wage blue collar wages improved more than higher professional wages. The idea that the Trump economy only helped the rich is a fiction. Yes, the rich got richer, but the poor got rich faster than ever before. Trump proposes enterprise zones in the inner-cities, which would put low income families on the path to self sufficiency. It’s never been tried before. Don’t you think it’s should have a chance? Who do you think can get these things done: The one who did it before in less than 4 years, or the one who never did anything in 50 years?

Rioting and civil unrest. The civil unrest is generated by a Marxist fiction which avoids the facts and focuses on a minor problem, a few bad police interactions, and magnifying those few tragic events into systemic racism. It’s a lie and an excuse to run roughshod over the general public. In a civil society the police incidents need to be carefully investigated and the rioting must be ended. Yet in Democratic controlled cities neither happens. Police are uniformly disbanded without studies or examination, and rioters are freed to continue on their destructive paths with impunity. This is clearly the fault of the Democrats who have encouraged this behavior to hurt Trump’s chances for reelection. For this alone, they should be thrown out of office and into jail.

Civil order must be restored in our major cities. Indulging rioters won’t do that, as the Democratic mayors have proven over and over to the detriment of their working citizens. Now it has gone too far and will not end prettily, but with determined leadership it will end.

These are the three key issues you should be voting on. To recap:

Who can get the pandemic under control with medical advances, because that is ultimately the only thing that will do it. Masks and lock downs, which are primitive and interim, will only delay the pandemic, not end it.

Trump has the experience and understanding to get the economy rolling again: He did it before. Biden never did it.

You can vote for Trump, who has the will power to support the police and neutralize Marxists rioters while addressing grievances and improving inner city economics, or for the other guy who didn’t do anything in 50 years.

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