Is Socialized Medicine Causing COVID to Spread?


Biden-Obama Care is modeled after socialized medical care like is found in Europe where everyone gets medical care for free or near free, if they can work their way through the overcrowded, take a number, lines at clinics and hospitals.

Recently, I was trying to get information on the quality of healthcare in Europe, and I came across this blog (link) by a British (expat) who has relocated on the Continent. It gives an idea of what might be typical of a socialized medical system. You can read the whole blog, but I’ll summarize it here:

This September, amid skyrocketing COVID cases in Europe, the elderly lady was scheduled for a knee replacement surgery. She went in for her pre op. In short, she was greeted by your typical socialized medicine nightmare. She rode a crowded elevator to her floor. Then spent hours in a crowded reception room where social distancing was impossible. People waiting for surgery were in this area with people who were sick, some of which were waiting to be tested for COVID. I presume the air circulation was also poor and antiquated. The overworked staff was indifferent to her situation and when they finally got to her, they told her that her surgery was postponed because the new knee had not arrived from America. I told you in many posts that American capitalism keeps the world running. Turn America socialist, and the whole world economy will dive into permanent recession. When I told you that, I didn’t also think to say, American ingenuity also supplies the world’s healthcare systems. From her story that seems to be true as well.

The point here is that socialized free medical care results in under staffing, inadequate space, poor scheduling and management, etc. In these times, the position that she was put in cannot help but spread COVID, and in her case as an elderly person, it could be lethal. Free socialized medicine is not free; its costs are in health and lives rather than in dollars.

Joe Biden claims that you can keep your doctor if socialized medical care comes to the US. This already proved to be a lie with Obamacare. But even if it were true, what happens when your doctor is assigned 200 free patients which he cannot refuse? While socialized medicine gives medical care to everyone, it does not create new doctors. It doesn’t pay existing doctors to staff up to meet the new demand. Even if you do keep your doctor, your service level will be hugely diminished.

If you have Medicare you also have learned or will learn that socialized medicine parses everything out into standard procedures. If your issue doesn’t match or can’t be resolved with a standard procedure, then you better have a very creative doctor, or it’s just tough luck for you. Socialized medicine kills medical flexibility, and creative thinking can kick the can down the road only so far before you hit a Nazi roadblock. Hey you might die, but the 25 year old druggie who never contributed anything to society will be well cared for. Doesn’t that make it worthwhile to you?

Standardized thinking, the center framework of socialized medicine, has helped prolong the COVID crisis. Why? The European governments have mandated near fascist control of their citizens through hard lock downs during the pandemic. These have been protested recently by huge crowds in Britain which were broken up by platoons of police (link). Also not long ago, around a million people gathered in Berlin to protest lock downs (link). That gathering was larger than the original Reunification Day, which was the most important day in modern German history.

By the way, WHO, World Health Organization, has recently begged nations to back off of lock downs (link) as they are counterproductive in many ways, and lock downs make the poor, poorer. Still, Biden, follower of the Hidden Scientist, says he would implement a nationwide lock down, in a heartbeat. And further by the way, where are Twitter and Facebook on allowing people to broadcast the new WHO video against lock downs?

Anyway, what have these extreme lock downs done for the European nations? This summer the USA still had COVID cases, because many states relaxed the lock downs. Meanwhile, in Europe the cases were near zero, because of they maintained heavy handed lock downs. Biden, Obama, and the media lambasted Trump for not locking us down hard like Europe, but now the other shoe has fallen.

Cases in United Kingdom, France, Spain, and throughout Europe have skyrocketed. The once giant wave of last spring looks like a mere ripple compared to the current wave of cases that has hit Europe. WHO speaks against lock downs unless the medical system is in peril of failure, but Wales and other places are now throwing up another lockdown, and that is the problem. The lockdown only delays the infection. Scientists have always known this, but somehow, possibly due to mass hysteria, notables in the epidemiological community bought into lock downs as the end all of pandemic solutions. As such, the infection has been delayed throughout Europe, but now it has found all these immune deficient people to infect. Fauci (possibly the Hidden Scientist?) now says that we are still in the first wave (link). Of course, the reason is that it has been delayed through continual lock downs that have destroyed people’s lves without the virus even touching them, and now it is back out hunting them again.

Look at the graphs below. We see that the current wave is two to four times larger than the spring infection spree.

United Kingdom’s daily COVID infection rates. The green line marks the height of the infections last spring. The red line marks the current peak, which is approximately 4 times higher than the spring peak.

France’s daily COVID infection rates. The green line marks the height of the infections last spring. The red line marks the current peak, which is approximately 4 times higher than the spring peak.

Sweden’s COVID infection rates. The green line marks the height of the infections last spring. The red line marks the current peak, which is approximately the same as the spring peak. At the time of Sweden’s spring peak the rest of Europe was hiding from the disease and had a very low infection rate. US news sources maligned Sweden’s COVID policies. Whatever they think now?

Sweden, who we once claimed had reached herd immunity, clearly had not. However, their graph is substantially different than United Kingdom or others. Sweden’s current wave, so far, is not any bigger than their spring wave. While they have not yet achieved herd immunity, they seem to have achieved herd resistance, at least. I mean that if you introduced the virus into a room of 10 people in Sweden, it appears that one would get sick. But it you introduced the virus into such a room in France about 4 would get sick. Ditto the other European nations. I think that by the time this wave washes through Europe they will have herd resistance or full immunity, provided that they don’t panic and lockdown for a prolonged period. What normally happens in an epidemic is explained by the doctors in this video (link). Note that never before has a whole society, let alone the whole world been locked down to try to contain a virus. Right now, we are NOT in a normal epidemiological situation.

Now, for the good news, throughout Europe and despite the giant wave that currently is hitting them, relatively few people are dying. Check out the graphs below. Even though the infection rate is several times higher than what occurred in the spring, the death rate is many times lower than in the spring. In other words today when a person gets infected their chance of dying is about 1/20th of what it was when the virus first hit. This is partly because of Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, where Trump jump started the scientists to get vaccines, remedies, and COVID care to market quickly. Now we have Dr. Collins, Director of the National Institutes of Health, saying that a vaccine could be ready by the end of 2020 (link). In turns out that Trump has actually worked with the scientists to achieve goals. Biden seems to think that simply mouthing the manta: “Science, scientists, follow the science,“as if they were articles of faith will solve the problem.

Despite an infection rate that is 4x greater than last spring, the UK death rate is only 1/5th of last spring. The resulting deaths per infections is about 1/20th of last spring.  Most of Western Europe is similar.

Although Sweden’s infection rate is about equal to last spring, It’s death rate is about 1/60th of last spring, and on many days there are zero deaths. Do you still believe Sweden’s herd immunity policy was wrong? So far, Sweden has herd resistance to COVID if not full immunity.

There is also the possibility that the herd resistance is already higher than we think, and that true infections are way down There is some belief that the virus tests are too sensitive and that they are detecting fragments of virus in people who are perfectly healthy (link). In other words, these people have been exposed to low levels of virus and their bodies fought it off. I assume that these small exposures have made them resistant or immune to the virus. But that is my speculation; we’ll see if scientists come out and say the same thing at some point. In any case, there is an effort to reduce the test sensitivity to get a more realistic assessment of the true infection rate. 

So it appears that we have two leading possibilities: The virus did not make its natural course through the human population because of the lock downs and is finishing that process. This could be a good thing in terms of virus management (but not in regard to other essential aspects of human society, which Biden seems not to comprehend), because now we have better medical skills in handling the virus, hence there are less deaths and less critical illnesses, we assume. This idea is backed up by the fact that Sweden is not being hit as hard as other places which instituted the hard lock downs, and appears to be near the end of their first wave. The second idea is that virus has made its way through more of the population than we think in spite of the lock downs and our virus tests are flagging people who are not sick making the current surge look much larger than it really is. This would also be good.  

In their babble garbage yard signs, the left like to declare their belief in Science, the God, by reciting the mantra, “Science is Real.” It’s like a Christian saying, “The Holy Ghost is Real.” It’s a religious belief. It has to be because few of them actually have a strong understanding of science, the knowledge, not the God. As such, they need a Science mystic,  the Hidden Scientist, whom Science speaks to and then who tells them what Science wants them to do. It’s just like God speaking to the Pope, and then the Pope telling us what God wants us to do. Trump does not believe in Science, the God; rather he works with real scientists, not gods, who have helped address the COVID crisis by creating several different treatments which have lowered the death rate to a fraction of its spring levels. They also are creating several different vaccines in record time and they have found multiple tests for the virus in a period of half a year, which was unheard of before.

In new challenges, such as this virus has posed, many qualified scientists have competing ideas on how to address the problems. In real science, these people discuss, experiment, share knowledge and ideas, create competing prototypes, and advance the knowledge base. There is no single person, to whom Science speaks and fills with holy wisdom. Trump has enlisted the help of the science staff of every major pharmaceutical and medical technology company, all the major research hospitals, and universities. Meanwhile Biden and his adherents are praying to the Hidden Scientist for the True Solution. From his statements about fossil fuels it seems that Biden is getting his energy policies from the same source.




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