Premise of this Website

  1. Facts, studies, and information about society can be aggregated into theory and arguments supporting a myriad of points of view. In a free society, multiple points of view are available at all times, and  conflicting views are expressed regularly in the mainstream flow of ideas. No one should be fearful for expressing an idea which is counter to the main stream. In a politically manipulated society, only one ideology is taught and accepted as valid.
  2. You know that you have been subjected to a cultural revolution when most educational institutions, most teachers, and most textbooks openly promote a common political view, even when politics is not relevant to the subject matter.
  3. You know that you have been subjected to a cultural revolution when most channels of communication and most commentators promote a common political view and  opponents are denigerated even when politics is not the subject matter. After a cultural revolution the media becomes the propaganda arm of the new ideology.
  4. The USA went through a cultural revolution from about the 1980’s to now.
  5. This is not a Master’s Thesis or a Doctorate Dissertation. I do not have the time to provide a scholarly review of sources, nor provide fundamental research to support my positions and statements. After all, the progressives don’t either, and my memory is probably less faulty than leftist interpretations of the facts, anyway.
  6. The ideas expressed here are counter revolutionary.
  7. This website is the equivalent of a basement printing press where counter-revolutionary handbills are made and then distributed to the streets in an attempt to open the eyes of the brainwashed populous, or at least to cause people to question the validity of the ideas fed to them by leftist propagandists in the schools and the media.
  8. The progressives will seek to eliminate the voices of all counter revolutionaries.
  9. Progressivism is simply the renaming of communism and draws its core tenets from that ideology.
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