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I thought I was done with writing political stuff for awhile but leftist propagandists just never report on anything important, and if they do, they fumble its significance badly. Meanwhile, leftist government: presidents elect, vice presidents elect, acting governors and mayors rant and decree like petty tyrants on heroin.

Gag’em and Moe, the Stupidest Stooges!

Gag’em Newsom and Moe Cuomo are the two stupidest stooges. They just can’t get anything right. They’re too lazy to think it out, or they’re just to stupid to think it out, or they’re just to doped up to think it out, or they’re just two socialist progressive to think rationally. 

Today, I read this article in The Daily Wire about how Gag’me Newsom and Moe Cuomo just came out tough against COVID vaccine providers vaccinating people out of order. They just made sure that anyone who is skilled and qualified to administer the vaccine will be in fear of violating their protocols and will refuse to give the vaccine at all. 

How do you people keep electing these morons? If you actually did elect them. We wonder now, just how long they have been rigging the elections.

But that isn’t the point, and I don’t want to get too complex and confuse the low IQ among you.

The point is: Nationwide we are having a problem getting people vaccinated as quickly as we should. Millions of doses are sitting shelves and not getting into people’s arms. What governors need to be doing is setting up the logistics within their states to get these vaccines out to people, more or less in the order set down by the CDC, i.e. healthcare providers and old people in old folks homes first, then other old people, etc. If there is a miss or two in the sequence of who gets vaccinated, does it matter? We are talking about getting millions of vaccines to people. When you talk millions, you are also talking of hundreds being out of order, wrong person at wrong time, and, God forbid someone getting it, who is allergic to it. The last is the more important concern.

But the effort to facilitate millions of vaccines takes work, so the Stooges, Gag’em and Moe, being too lazy to do the important things, went for the gimmick. They came out strong with plans to prosecute anyone who receives the vaccine out of order, or gives it out of order. It is the last thing they should be concerned with. Better to accidently vaccine someone too soon, or fail to vaccine someone as soon as they should be, than to not vaccine anyone and just leave the vaccines on the shelf. The last thing these stooge governors should be doing is intimidating the people administrating the vaccines. But what do you expect from the socialist mentality? If it weren’t tragic, it would be comic.

So instead of making sure that Sam, who is allergic to the vaccine, doesn’t get vaccinated and die, doctors and nurses will focus on whether Sally gets it before Jill. What about when Jill refuses it? Does the doctor have to present Sheriff Newsom with a certificate that Jill signed saying she refuses it, before he can continue to vaccine? When the doctor skips over Sam with allergies, does he also have to wait for approval before vaccinating the next person in line? These two governors should just shut up and let the professionals deal with it.


When you talk about micromanaging and gumming up the works to make meaningful progress impossible, you are talking about a socialist progressive governor; you’re talking stooges, Newsom and Cuomo.

When you talk about a dimwit who isn’t smart enough to focus on the right thing, and then you are talking about socialist progressive governors; you’re talking stooges, Newsom and Cuomo.

Newsom and Cuomo, the Two Stooges, they never take responsibility for their mismanagement. And, of course, they blame Trump for the fact that they were born stupid.


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